June 15

Driving Performance Through Virtual Coaching with Brandon Senn

Today we are joined by Brandon Senn, Vice President of Athlete Education at Kabuki Strength. At Kabuki Strength, the team aims to educate and train through seminars, both online and in-person, as well as creating and selling fitness equipment. Brandon discusses how Kabuki Strength pivoted to online coaching, developing strong systems and processes, and utilizing data to create adaptive training programs.

“Now I rarely plan more than 4 weeks in advance; usually it’s 2, often it’s 1. I know where I want to get to but I’m not over-planning it anymore. Decision making has changed. I’d rather have a conversation about it, not a dictatorship.” – Brandon Senn

Topics covered include:

  • What Brandon’s role at Kabuki Strength is.
  • What virtual coaching at Kabuki Strength means.
  • The process and lessons learned from pivoting to online coaching.
  • The importance of having strong systems and procedures.
  • Demonstrating progress to athletes.
  • Tailoring training programs to individual personalities.
  • Knowing when and what equipment to buy.
  • Unexpected hurdles when writing and developing training programs.
  • Creating better client/trainer communication.
  • Learning to adapt plans based on new data.
  • What Brandon has found to be the most prevalent performance driver.
  • Utilizing objective data to improve regimes.
  • The role motivation plays in athleticism.
  • Developing passion in new athletes.
  • Looking at the long-term needs of young athletes.


Kabuki Strength Website: https://store.kabukistrength.net/

Kabuki Strength Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kabukistrength/?hl=en

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Driving Performance Through Virtual Coaching with Brandon Senn

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