March 7

Dr. Naota Hashimoto Explains the Benefits of TrackStat

In this episode we’re joined by Dr. Naota Hashimoto, who started practicing chiropractic in Seattle and then started his own practice in Palm Springs. More recently, he started digging into data which led to the development of TrackStat. TrackStat is a patient tracking software which serves multiple purposes that benefit patients and practices.

Some people don’t believe in maintenance care, but I get adjusted every two weeks. I feel and function better, so I do think you should do some kind of maintenance care.” – Naota Hashimoto

Topics Covered Include

  • The introduction to Naota’s career.
  • How does TrackStat work? What are the benefits?
  • The way TrackStat helps bring the amount of patient up, current, and previous.
  • What is PVA? And when should you utilize it.
  • Reasons patient numbers tend to fall based on their first visit.
  • The importance of online reviews and how to obtain them.
  • How pre-paperwork benefits the patient’s overall view of how your clinic is run.
  • The reason why you should know your overall numbers.
  • How to properly care for patients by ensuring they become long term patients and ensuring they follow their treatment plan.
  • What epiphany moments that have led clients to increase their visits.
  • How to go about future scheduling rates and how to utilize them.
  • Reasons why your clinic may be losing money due to staff errors.
  • Why properly training front staff is so important.
  • What numbers you should prioritize and which you should simply pay attention to.
  • Resources for anyone who would like to try TrackStat.

Connect with Naota Hashimoto:

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Dr. Naota Hashimoto Explains the Benefits of TrackStat

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