April 11

Dr. Lindsay Mumma: Your Pelvic Floor Sucks

Today we welcome Dr. Lindsay Mumma to the podcast. She is the author of “Your Pelvic Floor Sucks,” and she dives into the importance of addressing pelvic floor dysfunction and offers actionable solutions to readers. As a chiropractor, Dr. Mumma has seen many clients struggle with pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms. Now she is an educator, encouraging others to empower themselves to strengthen their pelvic floor health. We’re going to hear all about how she accomplishes this in today’s episode.

“Everyone’s peeing their pants and we haven’t done a damn thing about it.” – Dr. Lindsay Mumma.

Topics Covered Include

  • The intention behind the title of “Your Pelvic Floor Sucks.”
  • Why pelvic floor health needs to be taken seriously.
  • The number of women that experience pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • Who pelvic floor health is important for (hint: it’s not just pre or post-natal).
  • Symptoms people experience besides incontinence.
  • How pelvic floor dysfunction affects men.
  • Shining light on the variety of pelvic floor exercise outside of Kegel exercises.
  • Why the demographic of listeners who lined up to speak to Lindsay was surprising.
  • Dr. Mumma’s personal experiences as a chiropractor.
  • Why pelvic reconstruction surgery is not always the answer.
  • How changing your pelvic floor health can change your overall health.
  • Why a book is an excellent resource for this type of health problem.
  • Who can benefit from reading Your Pelvic Floor Sucks.

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Dr. Lindsay Mumma: Your Pelvic Floor Sucks

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