April 4

Dr. Bill Morgan Recalls His Recent Parker Seminar for Chiropractors

In this episode we’re joined by Parker University President Dr. Bill Morgan—who is underwater at the time of recording. He began his educational journey to become a chiropractor when he left active military service and transferred to the Navy Reserves. He received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1985. We’ll hear Dr. Morgan talk all about the recent Parker Seminar in February of 2023.

We want people to come together and feel good about being chiropractors.” – Dr. Bill Morgan

Topics Covered Include

  • The unique location Dr. Morgan is recording this episode from and why.
  • How being stuck in a tube for 24 hours is impacting his high-energy personality.
  • Who he was most excited to meet at the Parker Seminar in Vegas.
  • Parker University’s interest in neuroplasticity and healing from traumatic brain injuries.
  • The athlete that brought in a huge audience as a speaker at the seminar.
  • How the Parker Seminar was like Disneyland for chiropractors.
  • The high-quality research being shared between professionals at these seminars.
  • How sharing research has become a more fun and interactive experience.
  • What Neurocon is and who’s going to be there.
  • When and where Neurocon will be held next.
  • The important Medicare bill that looks like it will go through.
  • How quality of life has changed for older people in recent history.
  • The importance of supporting your vitality for as many years as possible.
  • How COVID influenced the landscape of chiropractic education.
  • What Bill’s primary goal is and why it’s important to him.

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Parker Seminars: https://lasvegas.parkerseminars.com/

Trust Driven Care – https://trustdrivencare.com/

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Dr. Bill Morgan Recalls His Recent Parker Seminar for Chiropractors

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