July 6

Dispelling Common Myths of CBD with Alyson Evans

Alyson Evans is coming on the podcast for a second time in today’s episode. She has returned to talk about her new venture in the healthcare space: plant medicine. She shares details about her new company, Fringe, which is disrupting the CBD industry by introducing a high level of community and education around it.

The CBD industry, to me, was sort of wrought with confusing messages for consumers and healthcare providers. And then also wrought with this ‘wild wild west’ in the quality of product being made. Why do I see CBD at the gas station, and it’s in my grocery store?” – Alyson Evans

Topics Covered Include

  • Why RockTape was successful as a brand and why she moved on
  • Alyson’s new project and how she got into this new industry
  • How her new company, Fringe, will disrupt the industry
  • What CBD actually is
  • Dispelling common myths of CBD and cannabis
  • Why we are only scratching the service of what CBD could do
  • The benefits of CBD in the body
  • How Alyson thinks we will talk about and use CBD 10 years from now
  • The interesting thing about the current CBD industry
  • Why consumers need to ask more questions about their products
  • How regulation will shift the industry
  • Useful applications for CBD in a real-world setting
  • How a water-soluble CBD works
  • How partnering with food scientists has given Fringe a competitive edge
  • Why CBD is described as biphasic
  • The mission of Fringe and what they’re trying to do
  • Where the CBD industry is headed


Fringe website: https://www.joinfringe.com

Clinic Gym Connect – www.clinicgymconnect.com

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Clinic Gym Radio
Dispelling Common Myths of CBD with Alyson Evans

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