August 4

Crafting Your Fitness Membership Site with Jamie DuBose

Jamie DuBose, an expert in membership sites and online tools, joins us in this episode. She is here to discuss the service industry along with what works and doesn’t in the world of online marketing. Today’s content will inspire you to add an online component to your membership site.

Jamie talks about scaling for a gym owner in terms of utilizing her marketing and metrics business, Zenplicity. Josh brings up what tools to use when you start receiving a positive response and Jamie weighs in on her “tech essentials.” Building a relationship and creating a connection with a potential client is all part of building customer value and, ultimately, the process of them buying what you’re selling.

The people who are over-delivering are the people who are seeing the most success in their memberships.” – Jamie DuBose

Other topics discussed include:

  • Clients that don’t connect make up 50% of the market
  • The best pay systems, both online and in person
  • What a “true” membership site is
  • How to get to a recurring revenue model
  • Client experience and engagement
  • The do’s and don’ts surrounding free trials to your membership
  • Success stories from Jamie
  • Collecting leads through active campaigns
  • Behavior-based segmentation based on actions/inactions
  • Allowing customers to make sales through informed decisions
  • Expanding your chances for conversions


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Clinic Gym Radio
Crafting Your Fitness Membership Site with Jamie DuBose

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