October 27

COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges and Opportunities with Dr. Jay Greenstein

Dr. Jay Greenstein is our guest in this edition. Based in Washington, DC, Dr. Jay has been in practice for 27 years and owns 4 clinics. Jay and his team offer a multi-modal approach to rehab that creates not only a symptomatic improvement, but long-term health improvement. Jay is also at the forefront of clinic automation and implementing technology to grow his organization. Jay will discuss taking advantage of opportunities presented by the pandemic, implementing technology to streamline your practice, and the importance of data utilization.

“Just start collecting data. Once you do that, you’re going to start seeing trends. Once you see trends, you’re going to be able to figure out what levers you need to pull to make improvements.” – Jay Greenstein

Topics covered include:

  • Jay’s background in chiropractic medicine.
  • How COVID-19 impacted the running of Jay’s clinics.
  • Why giving clinic roles specific names can be detrimental to team function.
  • Viewing the pandemic as a challenge and an opportunity.
  • Creating efficient practice through technology.
  • Learning to leverage and optimize the technology available to you.
  • Why you need to amalgamate your data for optimal running of your practice.
  • Creating an exponential organization by being information enabled.
  • The return Jay’s business has seen from data collection and utilization.
  • Using data to create predictive models.
  • Why you need to aggregate your referrals information.
  • The importance of tracking relationships between your practice and referrers.
  • How Jay automated the workflow at his clinics.
  • Creating a gamified customer experience app and how it impacted return visits.
  • The necessity of having passionate people on your team.


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Clinic Gym Radio
COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges and Opportunities with Dr. Jay Greenstein

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