May 12

Continuing Chiropractic Education with Dr. Ben Stevens

Today we welcome Dr. Ben Stevens, owner of Somatic Senses Education. His company is the biggest continuing education company in Canada which offers live courses for chiro, physio, massage, and strength coaches. Dr. Ben has been spending a lot time traveling around different places to keep his company’s pre-planned schedule and offered courses going. He has been trying to trace all the highly motivated thinkers in the industry to understand where they end up, and he found out that they either go into sports or education. He started the high-performance project to be able to fulfill his desires in this industry.

“For some strange reason, as soon as people are in pain, we view them as fragile and we view them as if they’re going to fall apart.” Dr. Ben Stevens

Topics covered:

  • Ben’s high-performance project
  • Capabilities of chiropractors in comparison to ten years ago
  • The responsibilities of being a trainer
  • The upside of being a licensed chiropractor and the improvements it allows a trainer to achieve
  • The evolution of the methods of practicing in the fitness industry
  • Hurdles faced by therapists and trainers
  • Loading and posture
  • The victimized mentality and psychological effects resulting from injuries
  • The difference between cognitively knowing what’s going on and actually being ready to do it
  • Equipment tricks to be played on clients to avoid their psychological battles while in rehab

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Clinic Gym Radio
Continuing Chiropractic Education with Dr. Ben Stevens

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