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Constraint-based Business Model: Increase Revenue, Work Less with Troy Broussard


Troy Broussard is a five-time business owner and has lost everything twice before he got to where he is right now. He developed an app platform called “Membrandt”, a learning management system in the palm of your hands which helps businesses adapt to mobile learning. Take a listen as he discuss how he came up with the constraint-based model when he restarted his business having lost everything and how it is allowing him now to live his life to the fullest.


“Constraints is all about repulsion, not attraction.” – Troy Broussard

·         How Clinic Gym Hybrid was inspired by Troy Broussard’s work, mainly his book about a Customer Relationship Management system.

·         What building a business according to your constraints mean? He tells his story of how he restarted his company in Brazil dealing with a lot of constraints from internet connection, to staff, and to running a business remotely.

·         The constraint that chiros and PTs have when it comes to business. Troy shares strategies on leveraging with these constraints.

·         How dealing with rules and constraints can be fun.

·         How to look at a chiro business in a consumer’s perspective

·         A contract is an agreement but its not something that you can’t get out of if it’s not working for you.

Crucial Takeaways:

·         His use of analogy, in this case playing Chess, to define constraints and specific outcomes, to know rules and assets and applying that in designing your constraint-based business model.

·         Look at your constraints instead of things that you could do. Looking at things that you could do only leads to frustration and overwhelm and very low probability of success.

·         Understanding the constraints enables you to leverage with them. Very good example is how to double your revenue while working less hours in the office. When you get a good grasp of your constraints finding a workaround, moving assets will become like a game of Chess.

·         There are creative solutions to buy yourself out of a contract. One is you can pre-sell a concierge-level service or an offering for a limited time where you can charge a premium.

·         Running multiple businesses successfully all at the same time is completely feasible as long as you have an understanding of your constraints.

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Clinic Gym Radio
Constraint-based Business Model: Increase Revenue, Work Less with Troy Broussard

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