August 5

Connecting a Gym to an Existing Practice with Kirk Mason

Today we are joined by Kirk Mason, owner of Premier Chiropractic in North Dakota. A few years ago, Kirk decided to change his business model and connect a gym to his practice. While they are in separate locations, 3 years after the gym opened, the two are feeding into each other. Kirk will discuss what he has learned since opening the gym, the major difference in business operations, and hiring the right people.

“I would hire on personality way more than I would hire based on qualifications…It’s not nearly as important as people make it out to be.” – Kirk Mason

Topics covered include:

  • Why Kirk decided to change up his business model a few years ago
  • How long Kirk has had the gym and clinic
  • About Kirk’s setup in clinic and in the gym
  • Adapting to location changes
  • What are Kirk’s biggest successes since incorporating the gym?
  • Why “ping pong” patients are bad for business and patients
  • Investing in your team
  • The benefits of becoming a personal trainer as a clinician
  • Creating a business that can run itself
  • How many clinic members started as gym members and vice versa?
  • The differences between chiro and gym businesses
  • What would Kirk have done differently when opening the gym?
  • Equipping your gym with only what you need
  • How important the floor plan is when it comes to workout flow
  • Why Kirk implemented time limits on exercises instead of sets
  • Should you install turf flooring?
  • Finding the right trainer


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Connecting a Gym to an Existing Practice with Kirk Mason

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