April 14

Community-Based Chiropractic with Dr. Sean Drake

In today’s episode we are joined by Dr. Sean Drake. He was a member of the Florida State track and field team but was involved in two major car accidents within four years. Because of that, he ended up attending chiropractic college. During his time at Life University, seeing the miracles that happen in this profession, along with the connections that he made, changed Dr. Drake’s path in life.

“I’m going to evaluate you the exact same way that I would anybody else because that’s the system that I use, and you’re a human being, and I want you to perform.” -Dr. Sean Drake

Topics covered include:

  • How being involved in car accidents changed Dr. Drake’s life.
  • Knowing what drives you as a practicing doctor.
  • Events and sports that Dr. Drake has worked with.
  • Owning your craft and having the right assessment tools.
  • Learning the language of a sport to get referrals.
  • Drake’s unique working arrangement.
  • Caring about style, not efficiency.
  • The approach Dr. Drake takes towards working with patients of different backgrounds.
  • People doing what they do because it pays, not out of love.
  • What Dr. Drake has learned from working with Don Slaught.
  • Dealing with people who don’t believe in what you do.
  • The future of chiropractic work being community based.
  • Why the COVID-19 quarantine will drive demand for chiropractors.
  • Online courses that Dr. Drake is currently offering.

Check out Perform Better: https://www.performbetter.com/

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Clinic Gym Radio
Community-Based Chiropractic with Dr. Sean Drake

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