July 13

Combining Biomechanics and Fitness with Mechanical Engineer Benjamin Lee

Today we’re welcoming by Benjamin Lee. He is a mechanical engineer by trade, and he merged his knowledge of biomechanics with his love for fitness at Fortius Labs. At Fortius Labs they provide injury prevention software that makes personalized health & fitness fast, easy, and scientific.

The ability to discern between these fine details and really break out and dive deep into the root cause is a bit of a lost art, to be honest. Obviously, one of my goals, because we have access to all this great data, is to really try and add to the bricks of the wall of science…to ultimately help trainers and therapists do a better job with their clients.” – Benjamin Lee

Topics Covered Include

  • Ben’s educational background and how it has influenced his career
  • What they do at Fortius Labs
  • Their partnership with the Canadian Department of National Defence
  • What Ben has noticed about his competitors in the industry
  • Sharing a case study of a personal client
  • The reward in getting someone out of pain
  • Where to learn more about Fortius Labs
  • How the process works from video taking to reporting
  • What a test-retest protocol looks like
  • How Ben hopes this software can support other trainers and professionals in the industry
  • The benefit of bringing in a client’s coaches in for their assessment
  • How technology can push you to be better in your work
  • The purpose of AI and why it won’t replace a human anytime soon
  • How a full-body picture can help connect the dots
  • Kinetic linkages and motion of joints influencing one another
  • The importance of scientific literacy, especially today


Fortius Labs website: https://fortius-labs.com/

Clinic Gym Connect – www.clinicgymconnect.com

Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Combining Biomechanics and Fitness with Mechanical Engineer Benjamin Lee

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