October 12

Chiropractic to Tackle the Opioid Crisis with Dr. John Rosa

Today we are joined by Dr. John Rosa, who has built 16 practices during his time in the business. With his brother, John has built a small empire in the chiropractic space. He also serves on the board of the college he graduated from and has spent much of his time lecturing about the opioid crisis, along with how chiropractic can help tackle it head on. John explains how chiro can help in the battle against opioids, the importance of education, and why you need to put yourself out there as an option.

“When you start talking about the numbers and what it is that can be done and how it reflects on us, there are 500,000 opioid prescriptions written every day.… Every year we are losing more people to an overdose of opioids than all last 3 wars combined.” – Dr. John Rosa

Topics covered include:

  • Getting and giving value from your chiropractic licence.
  • How the opioid crisis influenced John’s practice.
  • Building an integrated practice even before the opioid epidemic.
  • How John became more involved in battling the opioid crisis.
  • Working with the White House to advise on tackling the crisis.
  • Reducing the amount of pain scripts being written to curb the addiction starting.
  • What a typical day in a general practitioner’s life looks like and how much of it is related to muscular-skeletal issues.
  • The problem of over prescribing.
  • Putting yourself and your practice at the forefront of the battle.
  • Treating through pain instead of prescribing through pain.
  • Keeping your message simple.
  • How to market to those with pain.
  • Creating a relationship with your patients’ primary practitioner.
  • Communicating the need of prevention.


Dr. John Rosa’s website: https://www.drjohnrosa.com

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Chiropractic to Tackle the Opioid Crisis with Dr. John Rosa

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