March 9

Chemistry as Chiropractic Treatment with Dr. David Seaman

Today we are joined by Dr. David Seaman, a chiropractor and prolific speaker who utilizes chemistry as a method of treatment. David is strongly focused on how nutrition and diet can impact inflammation levels in the body, and has made it his mission to educate practitioners and patients alike about the way in which glucose can have a negative impact on your body.  In this episode, David discusses metabolic syndrome, learning how to identify inflammation in your patients, and the way in which your body chemistry impacts your mobility.

“You can take anybody, the fittest person there is … deprive him of sleep for a month, have him sleep 4 hours a night, and he will tank. Without enough sleep, without enough of those key cycles, your body flames up.” – Dr. David Seaman

Topics covered include:

  • How chemistry and clinical practice can interact.
  • Behind the premise of David’s new book, The DeFlame Diet.
  • Inflammation in your body and how it impacts your health.
  • The importance of getting enough quality sleep.
  • Glucose and your cells: How glucose can heavily impact inflammation levels.
  • Comparison of reduced mobility in non-diabetic and diabetic patients.
  • About metabolic syndrome.
  • Learning to look at your body as a chemical structure.
  • Clinical markers that show a patient is inflamed.
  • Tools to have in your practice.
  • The positive power of setting goals.
  • How obese patients are experiencing COVID-19.
  • The relationship between waist size and inflammation.
  • Creating actionable steps for your patients to take.
  • Understanding control and thresholds in diet and nutrition.


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Chemistry as Chiropractic Treatment with Dr. David Seaman

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