June 29

Checking in With Curt Kippenberger and His Successful Clinic Gym

We’re joined by Curt Kippenberger this week. Curt’s clinic, Focus on Health in Columbia, MO, successfully follows the clinic gym hybrid model. The practice has been open for 11 years. Today, Curt catches the audience up on how his practice is doing.

Our gym is kind of unique – it’s very visible. We have these big, gigantic windows… it blends into our reception area, our waiting area. So, you can’t miss what’s going on in the gym. And I did that purposefully. I wanted people to say ‘hey, what the hell is going on over there?’” – Curt Kippenberger

Topics Covered Include

  • Why Focus on Health is also considered a chiropractic teaching clinic
  • What happened when they decided to open a gym within the practice
  • Why the clinic gym hybrid wasn’t successful right away, and what Curt learned
  • How opening a gym changed the mood of the office
  • The conversation Josh and Curt had when Curt was looking for a new trainer
  • Why Curt says they hire based on personality first
  • The type of revenue the gym is bringing in now
  • Success stories of clients who were introduced to the gym as part of their treatment
  • How unlikely people often end up joining the gym
  • How to deliver the minimum therapeutic dose with the maximum therapeutic effect
  • Curt’s clinical high-points of opening a gym
  • The value Curt got from the Super Conference
  • Why you should keep as much open space in your gym as you can
  • How opening a gym changed the dynamic of the chiropractic business overall
  • Why it’s important to be okay with being low-tech
  • Why Curt appreciates the bond that the clinic gym hybrid model portrays
  • What Curt would do differently if he was starting all over again


Focus on Health website: https://www.focusonhealthchiro.com/

Clinic Gym Connect – www.clinicgymconnect.com

Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Checking in With Curt Kippenberger and His Successful Clinic Gym

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