March 8

Changing the Structure of Your Chiropractic Business with Justin Rabinowitz

Dr. Justin Rabinowitz joins as a return guest on the podcast today. Dr. Rabinowitz is the owner of the Strive 2 Move clinic in New Jersey. He tells us all about the fundamental business practices for chiropractors and shares information to help chiropractors find greater success, which starts with changing the structure of their business first.

People have to learn how to sell. Now, if you don’t like word sales, fine. We’ll call it communication training.” – Dr. Justin Rabinowitz

Topics Covered Include

  • The problem that ​​Dr. Rabinowitz solves in his clinic
  • Why he decided to seek business advice outside of the resources available to him as a student
  • Where chiropractors need to start if they want to make more money
  • The mistake most rehab chiropractors are making
  • Why it’s important for rehab chiropractors to be successful
  • The importance of differentiating your service by selling it as a unique solution
  • Putting the value of rehab chiropractic into perspective
  • The many ways you can market your practice
  • The basics of business principles reflected in the chiropractic landscape
  • How developing a presentation or workshop can help support your chiropractic business
  • How a shift in mentality can support your business success
  • How to teach your clients in a way that motivates them
  • An example of how speaking about something early is key to getting it done
  • How many people you need to put on a workshop
  • Why you need to know the lifetime value of a client
  • The importance of having a presentation that is refined


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Changing the Structure of Your Chiropractic Business with Justin Rabinowitz

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