March 1

Challenges vs. Assessment

Wondering whether challenges or assessments would be a better fit for the clients in your clinic gym business? In this episode, Josh discusses the pros and cons of both challenges and assessments, and also breaks down how these tools can support your clients and help you run your business effectively.

Again, I would recommend to simplify your life early on. If you have a goal of less than 50 members or you have less than 50 members, one membership level is easier and one intake method—a challenge run periodically, so every two months you run a six-week challenge, or you do these high-level assessments.” – Dr. Josh Satterlee

Topics Covered Include

  • The client benefits that come from adopting a clinic gym model
  • Details of an upcoming live event
  • Why offering a free week at your gym is not a good strategy
  • The difference between gyms focused on weight loss versus athletic performance
  • How to increase your gym membership numbers
  • Pros of offering time-limited challenges
  • What your ad budget should be for challenges
  • Strategies that motivate people to sign up
  • The circumstances in which challenges work best
  • Why you should choose challenges or assessment instead of doing both
  • The biggest pros of an assessment model
  • The assessment process Josh uses for his gym members
  • The cons of running an assessment on your clients
  • How to execute an assessment most successfully
  • The fatigue a patient may experience post-assessment
  • How to build stronger referral relationships
  • The importance of can simplifying your intake and how to accomplish that


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Challenges vs. Assessment

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