March 24

Breaking Into the Online Training Space with Jeff Salzenstein

Today we are joined by Jeff Salzenstein, founder of Tennis Evolution, tennis coach, and former professional tennis player. Jeff has worked with countless coaches over the years, as well as studied the role of minute human body movements and how they affect the game of tennis. Jeff started posting tennis training videos to YouTube in 2010 and has over 700 videos uploaded to the site. Over time, he has created specialized training programs, offering both paid online courses and free video lessons. His company, Tennis Evolution, is now one of the biggest online training programs in the world of tennis and helps players all across the world improve their game.

“When it comes to the online space, if you really want to grow it, you have to crack the paid traffic code.” – Jeff Salzenstein

Topics covered include:

  • How Jeff created such a massive online program
  • How and when to transition from free to paid content
  • Choosing which content to monetize
  • What a “course” is defined as
  • How often to release content
  • The various ways you can monetize content
  • Differentiating yourself and your brand online
  • Building trust with clients in an online space
  • How to earn lifetime customers versus one-time sales
  • Turning negative customer energy into a positive interaction
  • Deciding when and if to offer discounts
  • The most successful types of business models
  • The benefits of creating premium programs versus selling cheaper programs
  • Creating videos on multiple kinds of content
  • Jeff’s advice for getting started in the online space

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Breaking Into the Online Training Space with Jeff Salzenstein

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