October 15

Big Gym, Small Town with Kirk Mason

Today we are joined by Kirk Mason. He joined the clinic gym program in September 2018 and has had some massive changes since then, with even more happening in the coming weeks. When he was looking for spaces to start his own clinic after graduating in 2016, he was introduced to someone else looking for a chiropractic space. The two became business partners, and Kirk takes us through the evolution of their operation from back then to today.

“We want the gym to be rocking, we want it to be busy, but we also don’t want to get so busy that we forget about how important it is to be good.” -Kirk Mason

Topics covered include:
– How Kirk started his chiropractic operation.
– Expanding the original clinic into a hybrid format.
– Convincing Kirk’s business partner to go down a new path.
– The reaction of patients when they saw the new model.
– What Kirk might change regarding challenges if he were to start over.
– A breakdown of the schedule at Kirk’s gym in the beginning.
– How Kirk found a great trainer and determining the pay grade.
– Bringing on another trainer.
– The systemization of Kirk’s onboarding process.
– Bonus structures and increasing it as the gym grows.
– Recent obstacles since opening a larger space.
– Lessons learned from starting in a small space.
– Earning money from non-clinic activities

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Premier Movement: https://www.premiermovementnd.com/

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Clinic Gym Radio
Big Gym, Small Town with Kirk Mason

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