January 10

Basics of the Clinic Gym Setup

Today’s topic is fundamental if you are interested in providing science-driven care with a clinic gym hybrid. Listening to this episode, you’ll learn the benefits of this model for your patients and for your business, as well as best practices for building a clinic gym hybrid business with a solid foundation.

Exercise is the magic jet fuel in recovery for a patient. Adjustments are awesome. Soft tissue work is awesome. Taping is awesome. Normatec boots are awesome. But exercise is the thing that will drastically change and improve outcomes with patients.” – Dr. Josh Satterlee

Topics Covered Include

  • The opportunity you could win if you leave a review for this podcast
  • What it means to start with this model by asking “why”
  • Reasons why including exercise in your business is important
  • How income potential is shifting in the healthcare industry
  • What an upsell is and why you need to have them in your business
  • How you can provide your patients better outcomes at a faster pace
  • What you’re really offering a client when you provide a gym membership
  • How the hybrid model allows you to increase your capacity
  • What to consider when filling membership spots
  • How the clinic gym hybrid model supports lifestyle freedom
  • Four clinical benefits of offering exercise to your clients
  • What a chiropractic assistant (CA) can do in your place (and why they should)
  • The square footage required to be successful when building this model
  • The five phases the clinic gym model setup
  • A key sign you’re becoming successful with this setup
  • Why offering a gym membership is better than the other model options

Trust Driven Care – https://trustdrivencare.com/

Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Basics of the Clinic Gym Setup

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