February 1

Balancing Your Lifestyle and Wellness Goals with Mel Davis

Mel Davis from RP (Renaissance Periodization) Strength is our guest in this episode. She’s here to tell us all about what RP Strength is, why it’s important to try something new and get out of your comfort zone, the importance of sleep hygiene, and the keys to balancing your lifestyle with your wellness goals.

“Just having a sense of humor about what you’re doing and understanding that perfection isn’t necessary to make progress is one of the most important factors that I’ve noticed.” – Mel Davis

Topics Covered Include

  • What RP Strength is all about
  • Why you need to operate outside of your comfort zone
  • The importance of taking something from impossible to possible
  • What Mel learned when she first started coaching others
  • The challenges of digital coaching and how to overcome them
  • The part of recovery that often gets neglected
  • How to practice better sleep hygiene
  • How sleep actually acts as a marker of success
  • Mel’s accomplishments in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • The pros and cons of moving to a small town
  • The people who struggle the most to make healthy changes
  • How having a healthy attitude helps you reach your goals
  • The sacrifices you have to make to reach more extreme fitness goals
  • How environment plays into view of self
  • The importance of taking context into account when working with a new client
  • The typical clients that come to RP Strength
  • How exercise improves self-efficacy and feeds motivation
  • The support and resources offered at RP Strength


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Clinic Gym Radio
Balancing Your Lifestyle and Wellness Goals with Mel Davis

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