March 22

Automation in Chiropractic with Brad Martineau

This episode of Clinic Gym Radio sees Brad Martineau sit down to discuss automation and why it’s essential in service-based industries. Brad is co-founder of SixthDivision, a company that helps businesses level up their automation, so he’s an expert on this topic.

“If you haven’t proven that your business model will work in an Excel spreadsheet, it’s not going to match what you want in real life.” – Brad Martineau

Topics covered include:

  • Breaking out of the rut of what others have done before you
  • Analyzing operating systems and understanding your business viability
  • Why entrepreneurs need to slow down instead of diving in full steam ahead
  • What SixthDivision does
  • How many fitness and service industry businesses SixthDivision has worked with
  • How Brad helps companies deliver what they want out of their business
  • Why Brad always asks his clients “why?”
  • Examples of how Brad has helped some recent clients understand what they want from their businesses
  • Understanding that you can’t beat or ignore the math
  • Getting over the human aversion to looking at data
  • What would Brad do if he was building a chiropractic office? What would he not do?
  • Why you have to understand the importance of the client’s journey
  • Knowing how to be a leader
  • Eliminating doubt from clients’ minds before they even enter the building
  • Creating effective follow-ups with patients and building relationships
  • Automation doesn’t need to be complex
  • What most people in business screw up that has a simple solution
  • When it’s time to change your business model

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Automation in Chiropractic with Brad Martineau

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