March 3

Automating Your Clinic Gym Hybrid with Rick Anderson

Today we are joined by Rick Anderson. Rick started out in this industry as a franchise owner in 2004 when he opened his first location. Business soon exploded and he realized that as the franchise grew, they were doing things inconsistently between locations and processes needed to be implemented in order to maximize their success. He was wearing many hats at the time, but knew he would have to pass responsibilities along in order to focus solely on leadership and growth. Using his extensive knowledge of the industry, he built an automated process platform which now helps other fitness franchises operate on a daily basis and allows their franchisors to see what is and what is not working in their business model.

“There’s an evolution in your systems. You have to start with ‘what is it we want to do really wel?l’ … And then the next evolution is ‘okay, how do I make this whole thing a lot easier to do on a regular basis?’ And that’s where automation systems come into play.” – Rick Anderson

Topics covered include:

  • Wearing different hats in your business and knowing when you need to hire someone to take over a job
  • Adding things to your skillset or hiring someone that can do them
  • Building systems to bring people in
  • Systems that create the greatest ROI
  • Types of advantages a gym can have
  • Different models for different types of training
  • Understanding lead generation
  • Lifetime value of a client
  • Guidelines to consider with regards to success
  • Automation and using technology to solve problems
  • How and why plans change
  • The importance of mapping your plans

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Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Automating Your Clinic Gym Hybrid with Rick Anderson

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