May 18

Assessments, Variations, and Motivation with Tony Gentilcore

On this episode of Clinic Gym Radio we welcome returning guest Tony Gentilcore. He is one of the co-founders of Cressey Sports Performance. Additionally, Tony is a highly sought-after trainer who meets clients at his studio, CORE, which is located in Boston. He’s also a contributor to various fitness websites and magazines.

My job is to find the trainable menu for my clients and my athletes. I try to see given their injury history, given their ability level, given their goals, let’s find their trainable menu. What can we train and how can we train? Let’s find the right dosage, and let’s attack it.” – Tony Gentilcore

Topics Covered Include

  • Why asymmetry is normal
  • The importance of an assessment, and what types of assessments Tony uses
  • Tony’s fitness background and how he trains
  • How the fitness industry has come a long way in accepting variations
  • How variations can even support a return to normal range or position
  • Why Tony believes that easy training is good training
  • What “The Complete Shoulder Hip Blueprint” is and where to find it
  • What it means to “earn” a lift
  • What’s considered the gold standard stance of deadlifting and its disadvantages
  • The stance that Tony chooses for his deadlifts and why
  • How to know when it’s the right time to regress someone
  • Watching a client realize they’re stronger than they thought they were
  • How expectations and tracking progressions work towards motivation
  • How Tony manages clients who are training after an injury
  • Variation options for clients with back injuries
  • How some trainers go about uniquely meeting a client’s goal
  • Why glute bridges are great for introducing hip exercises to beginners
  • Tony’s advice for new strength coaches who want to improve their career
  • The resources Tony recommends for new coaches


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Clinic Gym Radio
Assessments, Variations, and Motivation with Tony Gentilcore

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