January 22

Asking the Right Questions with Dr. Aaron Lebauer

Aaron LeBauer has gone rogue and went against the traditional practice of relying on insurance in a Physical Therapy business, and after seeing 42 people in 1 day as an INTERN, he decided to go out on his own. He is the head of LeBauer Physical Therapy in Greensboro, NC and also the brains behind CashPTMarketing.com where he is a Business and Marketing Consultant. Take a listen as he discusses how he manages his patients, runs his business on a cash basis and how it is important to ask the right questions


“Physical therapy or chiropractic, it’s worth more than just the dollar amount or the time that we spend with people. It’s about what’s the result that they really want” – Aaron Lebauer 

  • His AHA moment when he decided that he’s going to go into a cash-based business providing care fresh out of school and his challenges when he took this leap.  
  • His personal experience with clinics that handles patients in an impersonal way, what he learned from this experience and how he applied what he learned to his own practice.  
  • How he integrated his care in his coaching programs wherein patients were offered a product to achieve a long-term goal.  
  • The biggest mistake that people make. 
  • Care providers usually are clueless why their patients are non-compliant and not following up eventually losing them. How It’s usually value issues.  
  • Benefits of the cash model in contrast with the insurance-based business.  
  • How insurance billing policies affect the whole dynamic of providing care and the clients.  

Crucial Takeaways: 

  • It is important to ask the right questions from clients and talk about the results of what they really want. Give your patients the opportunity to ask questions. 
  • Know what your patients expect from you and what does success look like to them so that you can tell them what you can do for them to get their goals.  
  • An inexpensive EMR system that he uses that’s taking care of business and saves him money. 
  • Care providers often assume that they know what’s wrong with a patient and that they know what they want because they are not asking the right questions.  
  • Five questions to ask patients to make them feel comfortable going beyond what insurance is going to pay for and how you build value.  
  • You build better rapport with your patients when you ask the right questions and it’s your job to help them to the answer and not give the answer to them yourself. Show them that “This is more than just PT”. 

Catch Aaron LeBauer online: 

Clinic’s website LeBauer Physical Therapy: https://www.lebauerpt.com/about.html 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeBauerPT/ 

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CashPTNation/ 

Business and marketing website: https://www.cashptmarketing.com/home

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Asking the Right Questions with Dr. Aaron Lebauer

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