November 14

Advocating Fitness through Understanding Strength with Brett Jones

People often misconceptualize and faultily compare fitness concepts and ideas that usually lead to non-conducive training and rehabilitation. In this podcast, you will listen to a very well-known advisor and fitness trainer, Brett Jones, as he shares very helpful and insightful tips in understanding how strength is a very crucial factor in fitness and how you, as a trainer, can be able to inculcate this concept of strength to the perspective of the people or your client.

“Find the strategy that will help you build strength in a healthy and safe manner”

According to Brett Jones, a well-known strength and fitness trainer, there can be many ways and techniques in realizing and achieving physical strength of an individual. One of which is recognizing the idea of growth and training as highly personalistic. This means that execution should consider the characteristics and the baseline of every person.

There are many crucial factors that constitute fitness and the promotion of it. In this episode, Brett Jones will help us regarding some of these through tackling the following:

  • The different techniques in achieving one’s physical strength
  • Correcting misconceptions about ideas in fitness
  • Recognition of one’s unique potential as a baseline for training and growth
  • Creating the best model of your clinic that advocates fitness

Crucial Takeaways:

  • There are different methods in training and strength building. However, without a distinct and focus goal, an aspirant might get lost in his journey to fitness and strength. Aftermaths of faulty training and conditioning might result to injuries, hurt, and other harm.
  • Being strong is different from being powerful. Lifting something heavy doesn’t really make you physically strong. It always depends on what your potential can do and can do beyond. Move enough weight to make you strong – do not over train. Strong is something that is safe and protective not aggressive.
  • Take note that you should find the strategy that will help you build strength in a healthy and safe manner. This means that you should consider safety as a part of execution.
  • Recognize your body as an integrated unit. Your body aspects and body needs are connected – it is your programming. Use this idea to create a more conducive training program for yourself.
  • For an aspiring clinic that wants to add fitness in its service, always put importance to the culture. According to Brett, this includes the answer to the question “what do you want the culture of that place to be?”. Identifying the culture means finding the people who can be attracted to it.
  • Knowing your identity and opening up a facility is not as simple as putting an equipment and opening doors right away. Most clinics are successful because the program is motivating, positive, and protective. A clinic bounded by a very conducive and friendly culture and personality can attract more people – the power of humanness.
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Advocating Fitness through Understanding Strength with Brett Jones

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