September 28

Addressing Chronic Pain and Bone Health with Dr. John Jaquish

Dr. John Jaquish is back, rather quickly, for a second appearance. John is a scientist, inventor, and author who created the X3 training system which uses variable resistance to improve strength and build muscle. John also wrote the best-selling book “Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time”. John is here this time to discuss bone health and chronic pain management. He shares how his products can help with pain management and what works to actually improve bone density.

The primary care doctors, you know how many exercise science classes they took in medical school? That’s right: zero. Chiropractors take more – they actually study adaptive response.” – Dr. John Jaquish

Topics Covered Include

  • How people are increasingly dealing with their pain management
  • Why some things are made addictive by design
  • How long it’s been since John has felt pain
  • What was covered in the podcast episode the first time John was a guest
  • The observations that were made when he was developing his products
  • What bone density treatment does (and doesn’t do)
  • The danger of sustaining a hip fracture after the age of 50
  • How John’s products can help address chronic pain
  • Why the simple recommendation of exercise for osteoporosis is not good enough
  • Why competitive swimmers lose bone density and what they do about it
  • Who John interviewed when he was researching for his book
  • The endorsement offers that he gets and why he attracts these offers
  • The study that John says everyone should read
  • Where health practitioners can make the biggest difference in a person’s health
  • How John feels when he gets out of bed every morning


Dr. John Jaquish’s website:

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Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Addressing Chronic Pain and Bone Health with Dr. John Jaquish

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