December 29

Adding a Gym to an Existing Medical Facility with Curt and Krista Kippenberger

Curt and Krista Kippenberger join us in today’s episode to discuss their progression with the clinic gym hybrid model in their clinic, Focus on Health Chiropractic. Their current facility is 3500 square feet and houses four doctors and an intern. The gym takes up 680 square feet and can comfortably host small classes.

I can honestly say when we implemented the gym and said, ‘this is a part of your treatment plan’, there’s a sparkle in peoples’ eyes. They’re like ‘woah… I came in telling you that I can’t even lift my kid up, and you’re telling me that your goal for me is to lift a 100lb kettlebell off the floor!’” – Dr. Curt Kippenberger

Topics Covered Include

  • What encouraged Curt and Krista to add a gym to their facility
  • What brought Krista on board with the idea
  • The logistical issues that came up in making this transition
  • How providing the gym space has supported their patients further
  • The financial investment to establish the space, and if it has been worth it
  • The first step in transitioning patients into the gym
  • How transitioning to this model helped build a stronger relationship with clients
  • The best way to communicate with your clients
  • The role that Krista plays in the business and her perspective on the client experience
  • Changes in the patient base once exercise was added to the care plan
  • Improving patient compliance
  • Final tips for those launching these same changes in their practice
  • Why shadowing and seeing things in action is important

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Clinic Gym Radio
Adding a Gym to an Existing Medical Facility with Curt and Krista Kippenberger

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