March 16

A Standout Customer Experience with Greg Jenkins

Greg Jenkins is our guest in this episode. He is the Founder of Monkeypod Marketing. Greg focuses on empowering entrepreneurs and helping small businesses understand and implement automation while still maintaining a personal experience. Greg joins us today to discuss making a standout customer experience, what should and shouldn’t be done in creating the customer journey, and how to use automation to create high-touch engagement.

“It doesn’t need to be a fancy, professionally produced video. You don’t need to fill a conference room full of balloons. What could you do that feels on brand for you and creates that feeling for your clients?” – Greg Jenkins

Topics covered include:

  • About Monkeypod Marketing.
  • People remember how you did something, not what you did.
  • How service leaders create a customer experience.
  • The meaning of the name Monkeypod.
  • Curating a full and personal customer experience.
  • What creates a bad customer experience?
  • Making an individual journey for each customer.
  • Going beyond transactional service.
  • How Greg’s background in hospitality has shaped his marketing approach.
  • Embracing automation while making messaging personal.
  • Overcoming automation fear.
  • The meaning of high-touch service.
  • Navigating COVID-19 restrictions to make great digital experiences.
  • Going the extra mile to amplify client experience.
  • Creating structure and connection points.
  • Growing your practice through virtual workshops.
  • Building brand perception.
  • Celebrating new clients.
  • How to audit your business’ customer experience.
  • Designing an intentional experience.


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A Standout Customer Experience with Greg Jenkins

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