May 5

A Look Inside the UFC Performance Institute with Dr. Tera Giroux

Dr. Tera Giroux, Sports Medicine Manager/Chiropractor at Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Performance Institute, joins us in this episode. Her institute is a huge center with all aspects related to the components of sports, such as strength, conditioning, and nutrition. She and her team try their best to support the athletes, arrive to their fights healthy, and recover properly. All the athletes on the UFC roster have free access to their facility and all the services offered. They vary from recovery tools to food! As Mixed Martial Arts is a relatively new sport, there isn’t a lot of data about it. Therefore, the Performance Institute collects all sorts of data about athletes to help deliver their services better.

“For the ladies, we have it harder, we do, especially if we want to work in the male-dominated sports.” -Dr. Tera Giroux

Topics covered:

  • The services offered by the UFC’s performance institute
  • Limitations and obstacles faced by them
  • The difference between Dr. Giroux’s current role and her previous job at a gym chiropractor office
  • Skills needed to transition from a community-based to a world class facility
  • Different portions of patients and the types of care they seek
  • The things Dr. Giroux wasn’t prepared for and learned after joining the institute
  • Interesting stories about athletes in UFC
  • The limitations females face when trying to work in some domains
  • Tips that Dr. Giroux can offer to other females trying to work in a male-dominated industry

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Clinic Gym Radio
A Look Inside the UFC Performance Institute with Dr. Tera Giroux

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