April 7

30 Years of Business Experience with Pat Rigsby

Today we are joined by Pat Rigsby, a fitness professional with almost 30 years of experience building businesses. He got his start as a college baseball and strength coach, then moved into teaching in the sport studies department at his university while he trained people on the side. Pat really got more into the entrepreneurial side of the business in the early 2000s when he started to own a couple of facilities, as well as different franchise locations and companies. By the end of 2014, he had sold the bulk of them and moved more into the coaching and consulting he does today.

“Figure out who you’re trying to serve, what your brand message is going to be, and reinforce that in all your marketing.” – Pat Rigsby

Topics covered include:

  • The three most common mistakes Pat sees people who want to have a brick and mortar fitness business make
  • Importance of having foundational business knowledge
  • Not knowing how to keep clients
  • Not having a way to scale/systemize to grow business
  • Setting up new hires to succeed
  • Balancing your personal and work time
  • Deciding if you have the capacity to scale
  • Benefits of documenting your repeated behaviors
  • Using video as a training method to reduce onboarding time
  • Establishing and knowing your numbers
  • Getting and converting leads
  • Following up with interested clients
  • Having a defined sales process that’s realistic for each client’s goals
  • Learning to sell yourself based on your expertise
  • Successful markets many businesses don’t consider
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the franchise model

Connect with Pat: https://patrigsby.com/
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Clinic Gym Radio
30 Years of Business Experience with Pat Rigsby

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