September 29

Starting a Business During COVID-19 with Jon Morrison

Jon Morrison joins the podcast for this episode. Coming from a marketing background, he has recently launched a new company during the pandemic. This company, Get Clear, is a message-focused marketing business that helps brands create clear, story-driven messaging. Get Clear has also partnered with Jane booking software, integrating with their program and pulling data directly from it to populate fields on your website.

In this episode, Jon tells us why he launched a new company during a pandemic, the importance of developing clear and concise messaging, and how your company culture and ethos impacts your clients.

“No website’s going to help you get people if you’re not treating them well while they’re there.” – Jon Morrison

Topics covered include:

  • How COVID-19 attacks your health and the weakest part of your life.
  • Jon’s goal of getting the best tools to the community.
  • The launch of Get Clear and their partnership with Jane.
  • Creating consolidated interfaces for companies and clients.
  • Why Jon started a new company in a pandemic.
  • Jon’s marketing background.
  • How to begin developing clear messaging for your brand.
  • The importance of fostering community.
  • Why multi-disciplinary clinics are easy to sell to today’s clients.
  • Overcoming the risk of watering down your message.
  • Learning to sell your brands’ value.
  • How your company culture and ethos can affect the client experience.

Get Clear:

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Clinic Gym Radio
Starting a Business During COVID-19 with Jon Morrison

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