November 8

10 Conversations That Changed My Life

This week, Dr. Josh Satterlee is sharing 10 conversations that changed the path of his professional life. As he’s grown in his career, he can pinpoint thw moments that altered the course of his career, which he shares in chronological order.

This is what I’ve been looking for, that map, or that guidepost; whatever it is that I’ve been needing this whole time since I remember that athlete getting banged up with no ability to assess her.” – Dr. Josh Satterlee

Topics Covered Include

  • How a tall girl from Wyoming’s tears made Josh see pain differently
  • The tools available for managing pain years ago versus now
  • What happened when Josh felt a click at the bottom of a squat
  • The pain he felt following this injury and what the culprit most likely was
  • The book and chapter that introduced him to the functional movement stream (FMS)
  • How Josh became more comfortable introducing himself to people
  • All the things that meeting his wife led to and how it happened
  • Who he met at an instructors’ weekend and what he learned in a single day
  • How he felt after first learning about the SFMA and what it changed for him
  • The one line said to him at an ART instructors’ course that stuck with him
  • How alignment with his past business partner Victor helped him achieve success
  • Something that everyone should have to do before getting an MBA
  • How a question as simple as “what if it works” changed Josh’s perspective on business
  • How he became an instructor in multi-segmental extension
  • The cause of low-back pain that was missed and what happened as a result

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10 Conversations That Changed My Life

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