September 5

Making Facebook Ads WORK

I recently saw a post in a chiropractic marketing Facebook group.

Somebody was asking about the difficulty they have with getting people to respond to Facebook ads.

I've dove into this before, because I also had difficulty getting people into Facebook ads.

When I had a Facebook ads expert sit down with me and go through my ends, he brought up one point.

“You're asking for a huge jump here. People are just getting to know you online. They click. And then you say, ‘Hey, let's sleep together.'”

And I was like,

“What? What do you mean by that?”

He goes,

“Well, you're telling them: if you like this ad click here. And when they click, you say, ‘Sign up now and spend money.'

So that's a pretty big leap. That's walking into a bar asking a woman her name. And then as soon as she tells her name, you say ‘let's go get married.'”

“You want to thin slice it and maintain context.”

This is why it's great in a Facebook ad to give away something.

Hey, you want our guide to three great stretches for runners? Great, click here.

When they click, guess what you're going to give them? Crazy thought.

It's going to be the PDF guide to three great stretches for runners.

It's not “click here and maybe you'll get something, then I'm also going to ask you for a big ask and get you to schedule right away.”

Now, once you've delivered that PDF of stretches for runners (or maybe you want to physically mail it out) you have to think:

How can I maintain context and also get these people in my office?

Well, the next solution came from a friend of mine who's an expert marketer.

He said, “What would you do with a friend? If you sent something to their house, you sent them a gift. You'd probably follow up to make sure they got it, right?”

So once you deliver that PDF, have a system that alerts you to say, “This person downloaded your PDF.”

Call them up and say,

“Hey, I just want to check that you actually got that download, and you're able to open it up.”

Most people won't do this followup and it's reflected in your marketing numbers.

But those who will probably need a system like Clinic Gym Connect, or Infusionsoft, or Active Campaign to do it.

I highly recommend having a system to maintain that.

But in the end, all you're doing is acting like a fantastic friend, and ensuring that these people got the very thing they requested.

Once you call them or send a text, you can move on to the next stage or maybe getting them scheduled saying,

“Did you have any questions? If there's no questions, do you need any help? Would you be interested in, an appointment to take care of those tight areas that you want to stretch out?”

Most people will say no, but some will say yes.

And I'm sure that more will say yes now that

  • They have a positive experience of you delivering what you said you were going to
  • In a timely manner
  • And acting like a human being by following up.

You'll get way more scheduled that way, then you will ask them to go from interested to booked.

Just my tip.

If you're interested in how we do this, we have a campaign (out of six) set up exactly for this using Clinic Gym Connect.

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