How 1 Chiropractor added 38 clients and $15,162
To His Gym in Just 2 Months…..
Without Going Into Debt or Offering Anything “FREE”

Thursday, March 21st, 

8:30 AM Pacific Time

In this SHORT, 20 minute webinar, we’ll reveal the 3 Steps the Chiropractor used to QUICKLY built up his gym following while MAKING MONEY on the front end... PLUS, learn:

  • How to get a flood of qualified clients coming in your door ( and how to filter out the ones you don’t want to work with)

  • The #1 thing clients want….. that cost absolutely NOTHING to give them

  • 2 Ads that absolutely DIDN’T work…. And 2 that worked AMAZINGLY well

  • How he was able to do TONS of advertising without any DEBT

  • The Office Systems that him to capture PAYING clients FAST

As a bonus for showing up to the LIVE Webinar, we're going to send you a Facebook Ad that has made over $10,000 in sales to a specific gym market that YOU can use right now to get a flood of new clients!


Dr. Josh Satterlee

of Clinic/Gym Hybrid Solutions

Dr. Josh Satterlee has successfully developed, run, and sold a model of Chiropractic, Movement Systems, and Gym that is on the cutting edge of patient care.

These webinars will be FAST…. We’ll start right on time, and recordings probably won’t be available. So mark them on your calendars and SHOW UP! ​

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