November 26

Let These People GO, You Don’t Need Them

If you're using a service that allows for keyword conversations – that is, people text in one word and it automatically triggers a conversation – I have a tip for you.

(BTW, Clinic Gym Connect has a keyword conversation feature that integrates with entire campaigns!)

One thing I realized using keywords is that I talk about using them in events, but there's another way that you can use them that doesn't get talked about nearly as much. But this might even be more powerful.

In business, sometimes we want to have things that accelerate our process, and sometimes we want to have things that filter people out of our process.

For example, I did a lot of marketing to golfers. If you're marketing to areas where there's a bunch of people, you want to filter out everybody who's not a golfer, because golf offers won't make sense to them.

So we came up with ways of filtering those people.

Well, one of the greatest ways I found to filter is by using those keyword messages in a bit of a different way.

Put up a video on Facebook or Instagram ads saying “If you're interested in more info, text the word golf to this number.”

You're showing a video that might be interesting for some golfers.

That eliminates the people who aren't really interested, because they wouldn't make the effort to text in.

But you can also look at those people who text in as the ones who are very, very, very interested in what you're offering or what you're talking about.

It's kind of like a game of basketball. In basketball, there are five people on the court, but you don't defend everybody. You don't equally spread out your defense.

You want to put more pressure and even double team the person who's scoring the most points.

If you're playing against Lebron James and the Lakers, you probably will have most of your defense focused on stopping Lebron, not focused on stopping the worst player on the court.

Well, it's the same situation.

If you want to fill up your clinic with the right people who want to pay you money, focus most of your efforts into going after the hyper-responsive people.

Don't even worry about the people who are just kind of responsive, because they'll be just kind of invested in buying from you.

Let those people go, you don't need them!

Clinic Gym Connect has a powerful keyword conversation feature that allows you to filter out people who aren't interested and to track everyone you meet at events – no more losing contacts and potential patients!

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