Elite Clinic/Gym Education from One of the Industry’s First Experts

My Clinic/Gym Hybrid “Inner Circle” is the culmination of nearly 11 years of experience with some of most cutting-edge minds in Chiropractic and the Fitness Industry, such as Charlie Weingroff, Thom Plummer, Dr. Greg Rose, and many, many more leaders in the industry.

~ But It’s Closed… Really??? ~

That’s right. The “Inner Circle” is closed if you go over to the sales page. Why? Because I don’t want just anyone joining and because and because I want to aggressively control who gets in… and who doesn’t. I want to help the Chiros and PT’s I truly believe in. I truly believe this will be the future of the profession- and I only want to promote the kind of provider I truly BELIEVE in.

I don’t want it to grow too fast or too big because I want to create just a FEW “walk-off home runs” and deliver the absolute BEST experience to each and every clinician that is willing to take this leap. So I’m limiting the access. It’s closed by default and I’m going to periodically open it up to allow a few people in. Great people…

*** I want a FEW success stories to present in June at the FTCA Summit [Could it be you???]***

When I got started with my Gym/Clinic almost 5 years ago, I made every possible mistake under the sun- seriously, I did. In fact, I spent thousands on consultants to “engineer” the perfect system I thought would work….only I never put it into action.

What a waste…

I’ve spent more money on equipment, advisors, staff training, websites, tools of the trade, software, apps- well, just about everything you can imagine…in fact, I honestly don’t even want to add it all up (it would be incredibly depressing)!

I thought I knew everything…and I thought I knew how to “do it better” than everyone else. That I was “smarter”. But that was my stupid ego talking. Slowly, I was able to learn that I wasn’t smarter… that every business had the same “bones”. The same requirements…. Staff issues. Marketing. Systems. Software. Everything.

I wish I could tell you that everything got better for me overnight when I realized this, but it didn’t. I learned more in the last year than I did in the previous 5. I knew nothing when I started into this business. I just had guts (and a bunch of equipment!!!).

So….What Changed?

Well, in ONE WEEK I had 3 different Clinicians call me asking for guidance. I had had various conversations and chats with them separately over a few years, and when I shared the revenue we made off the “other side” of the house, they were blown away (he wouldn’t have been if he knew how much I had screwed up along the way- lol). Every one of them, in their own way, they all asked me the same question: “Josh, how much would you charge me to guide me though starting my own version of this Clinic/Gym thingy?”

I honestly didn’t know what to say- I’d never done business consulting before, so I did what any semi-intelligent person would do- I stalled them. I told them some version of “I’m too busy right now but I’ll get back to you!” I told them I’d have to run some numbers and figured some things out, then I’d get back to them (hey, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m not dumb either).

I helped out one of them essentially for free….and I charged the others just a little bit of money. I realized that the one I never charged never did anything. But hey, when you pay, you pay attention. So it was WAY TOO LITTLE… live and learn, I guess. But those conversations were the first domino to fall in place… See, I think a BIG change is coming- both for Chiropractors and for Physical Therapists.

Let’s admit it…insurance coverage is just too low…and its getting lower every day. I remember getting $125 per visit… 3 years later, I was getting $40…and I needed a pre-authorization. (I can only imagine how crappy it is now..) So every good provider NEEDS some additional streams of income. And there is no better “fit” than integrating a gym into your clinic. They are a perfect fit.

Now, before I seem like I’m tooting my own horn, please know- the only reason I can offer advice is that I’ve been here before! I’ve coached 1000’s of classes with 100’s of clients, developed dozens of class formats, and had 100’s of  “sales appointments”, all while performing my duties as a busy Chiropractor. I’ve trained staff, found new techniques and programs, and even mopped the floors late on the weekends (more than once, for sure). Experience comes from making mistakes and living to tell about them. And trust me, I’m very “experienced”…. i.e. I’ve made every mistake possible…some TWICE!

And this is EXACTLY why the Hybrid “Inner Circle” is so valuable.

You see, I have already made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to! Just learn from what I’ve done instead. All the useless equipment I’ve purchased….All the classes that weren’t popular…all the discussions of “Why do you charge so much?”… And I’ll tell you what has worked- like the staff training, the internship, the best suppliers and resources (that can help you get going in MONTHS, not years…) Sure, you could learn it on your own… but why? This will put gasoline on your fire… help you get out of the gates and firing!

I have already made ALL the mistakes…so you don’t have to!

In fact, remember all those classes and clients I spoke of? Well, the knowledge I got from that helped me shape the “best practices” of how to launch this Hybrid Model….and make a significant income while doing it.

When I was advising those 3 friends, one thing they struggled to see was that since you’re a clinician- an “Expert in movement”- you can charge so much more than the other gym down the street. We had a few clients happily paying $550/month… an amount nearly impossible IF they hadn’t started with ME as their Chiropractor. (Your license- DC or PT- creates a protective “moat” around your gym.)

Another client of mine was paying $175 per 1:1 session! The other gyms in the area top out just under $100 per hour… We had the advantage.  And it was directly due to the fact that I was a Chiropractor…and no one coming in to the market could compete!

One of the coolest things that happened too was that I developed AMAZING staff… And empowered them to make money even when I WASN’T there. See, I frequently teach for SFMA, and even the days I was on the road, my trainers were back at the gym, making money- even while I wasn’t there! In fact, in 2016 my gym made $323,000….and I ONLY coached about 12 classes TOTAL in the year. And that amazing staff (and sometimes even Interns…) provided all the “man-hours” to earn that money. All I had to do was loan my “expertise” to them.

Throughout the years, I developed a very short list of which products, apps, software, and systems worked. I used these to optimize the client experience. And I used these in my hybrid clinic EVERY DAY. I saw how they worked, and improved the process along the way. And my staff did the same thing…..we had a kick-butt Front Desk manager that worked out the kinks in our paperwork and on-boarding process.

Then I Was Asked Again For Help

And this person asked me some questions that no one else had. And we talked all about the “downsides” of the Hybrid model. He had some BIG roadblocks ahead of him…. And his wife did, too. So I sat down and developed a few “tools” (checklists and video trainings)to help him. We worked through some problems and his wife even hopped on a few calls. We got some things sorted out. And I realized that MY Hybrid model had some glaring “holes” in it. And some big limitations. I also saw where I “left money on the table”….and even at $323,000, we left TONS of money on the table.

…..so I gave in….and started to develop a “complete solution”. What I did this time was much smarter, I sat down with the smartest minds in the industry. We worked out kinks. I incorporated MUCH more technology and tried to AUTOMATE as much as possible. And I am constantly revising the model. (In fact, I just found a solution to the biggest issue facing all the Hybrid clinics out there- ask me on a phone call!).

Creating Tools for Others and Putting It All on Paper Radically Accelerated my Knowledge of the Hybrid Model of Healthcare

Suddenly I was not just looking at how ONE Clinician could open ONE Clinic/Gym… I’m now seeing how easily this can scale……to 3 gyms…5 gyms….or 15 if you want to!

What does that all mean and why do you care? Well, it just means that you get to decide HOW BIG you want to grow. Or how much FREEDOM you want to create in your life. Like I said, I coached less than 12 classes in 2016….and they were classes I LOVED coaching. Yet, the revenue still rolled in. Without me, by the way. Without me….

I’m not trying to be arrogant here- many people say I’m too humble- but I know that no matter where you are in your journey to start a Hybrid Gym/Clinic, I have been there. Are you…

  • Struggling to get your facility up and running? I’ve been there.

  • Running around like a crazed monkey trying to treat patients and investigate a NEW venture? I’ve been there.

  • Working hard trying to figure out how to make your clinic create enough wealth to support your family? I’ve been there.

  • Feeling like you deliver GREAT care, but feel like you’re only getting paid a fraction of what you’re worth” I’ve been there.

  • Getting more and more patients asking you what do to after treatment? I’ve been there.

OK, I Get It…But Still, It’s Limited?

That Just Doesn’t Make Sense…

I want to build EXACTLY the group I want to build. And I want the “energy” of a group of people on the same path. And with a group, we can spread out the costs among many. Yet, I think when you see how little the group costs (compared to how much you’ll make), you’ll be shocked.

But here’s the thing. It won’t be this cheap forever. I want those first 10 “Home Run” stories… and in short order. Not Looky-Lou’s. Instead, I want clinicians that are ready to TAKE ACTION right now. And then I’ll be methodically growing the group. And I hope this model takes the market by storm…

So, what that means, is those that get started with me now- and becoming founding members of the Gym/Clinic Hybrid “Inner Circle”, will get far more value from this program than others down the road. Sorry, I wish that wasn’t true—but it is.

Math doesn’t lie. When there are 200 members in this group, well, it just won’t be the same as it is now. Now, don’t get me wrong, in many ways it will be better. The community will be better, our “buying power” will be better, the resources will be better, the systems will be better and more refined—but I certainly won’t be able to provide the same amount of one-on-one time to 100 people that I can give to a small group NOW!

So, with that in mind, you have the opportunity right now to be one of those first founding members and I’d like to personally invite you to do just that, to join me in making the “Inner Circle” the best training to help worthy Clinicians start their own Hybrid Gym/Clinic.

So I Had To Get Creative

You see, I want this to be different—I want it to be better than anything else you’ve experience within our profession. So I started thinking about what I needed when I got started…

I know that coaching and mentoring had to be a strong part of program, not just the “use this software”. You see, there’s a big difference between reading a book vs talking to the author. I we could get everything we needed out of books, there’d be no need for college professors, right?

So I was certain that coaching from me, LIVE every 2 weeks was definitely going to be part of the program.

But I also wanted to go BEYOND simple mentoring and really straddle that fence between mentoring and accountability coaching because I know that having someone there to hold you accountable to your goals is a HUGE part of achieving them.

How do I know? Because I work weekly with a mentor myself…and I’m in an accountability group. In fact, it helped me start this program significantly faster than if I didn’t have it (I gotta walk the walk here…)  My mentor keeps me on track, focused, encouraged and moving forward. I want to do the same for you and your clinic…and your new Gym/Clinic Facility.

There’s just one problem. Having a coach and even accountability is great, but what about having a proven model to follow? I mean otherwise, you’re just wandering with guidance (much like the story of Moses in the desert…and that took a looooong time. Yikes!).

Don’t worry, you’re not going to be wandering through your business like Moses through the desert for 40 years….

I tried many things…and as I stepped back, I developed a process to start a facility, and this process will allow you to not only evaluate your business objectively, but it will also help you start this project, score your results, and help you track your progress….and it will allow us to find the areas most important for you to focus on for the biggest growth. Best of all, within the group, we will re-run the process to update your progress…monthly. Imagine knowing where you want to go, where you are, and where your were just 30 days ago.

Coaching, mentoring, business accountability, a proven model- what else could I possibly wedge into the Gym/Clinic Hybrid “Inner Circle”? Well, here’s how it all breaks down:

  • Weekly LIVE Video Conference with me personally. These will be a combination of timely teaching, some live “Hot Seats” for members, and a lot of Q&A. And I won’t be “punching the clock” at just one hour, either. I want you to hit a home run here. So if that takes extra time, we’ll take extra time. This group is all about YOU and how I can help you and serve your needs. So you’ll be getting 8 hours of my time per month for less than I’d charge for a ½ hour consult!

  • Design Thursdays. We will also have an hour every Thursday where you get on with my trusted team of advisors and get assistance with layout, equipment, legal issues, software, etc. Everything you will need to get your facility up and running FAST and correctly. Each one of these topics is a Headache Preventer. My headache is now your benefit.

  • Private Slack Group Access. You will have real-time access to me and the entire community via a private Slack group. Have a questions? Just ask! (And Slack keeps you off time-wasting Facebook.)

  • On-site Planning and Strategy session. That’s right. On-site- your office. With your entire staff. To get buy-in from the whole team and to get this massive project done as quickly as possible, you need your entire team on-board AND excited. The best way to ensure this is to have a “launch party”. We’ll outline everyone’s roles and goals, and help you cast your “Vision for the Future”. Once you do, get ready to run…because your staff will be excited to be part of something great! And this meeting is included in your membership (just cover my travel and lodging). You and I will meet the night before, and we’ll work with your staff for the entire next day. Future members of the Inner Circle won’t get this benefit…but I want these first 10 to be monumental successes.

  • Access to my trainings, all of them. Outsiders would pay $299-799 or more for these courses and training sessions. But not “Inner Circle” members—no, you’ll get access to all of my trainings included in your “Inner Circle” membership! Now, I can’t give you everything at once or your brain would explode AND you would have TOO MUCH on your plate to get your facility started (remember that accountability we spoke of???). But each month you can request access to another training and I’ll open it up for you.

  • A Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. Huh? What’s that? Seriously, I loved that story (the original movie, not that weirdo flick with Johnny Depp). And there was always something so cool about that Golden Ticket—so I’m including one for each and every one of the Founders that join me in the Inner Circle as well. Use your Golden Ticket to have a 60-minute call with me to design your DREAM gym. Let’s look at your SPECIFIC needs and design a solution. As we move forward, I *may* give out more of these as I see fit. So use it wisely. But have a crisis? Use the ticket. Need help with hiring staff? Use the ticket. Any time you need fresh eyes on a problem, let me know.

  • Free Copies of my favorite books, tools, and trinkets that make life easier. These are the books that shaped my evolution and I believe will SKYROCKET your success. I will personally mail a copy to you…often right before our calls, and we’ll cover the core message.

  • Monthly + Weekly Accountability. Each month, we’ll review your numbers and check in on your progress to having your facility open and operating. We will track your progress with my favorite Project-Management software and set your “One Thing” goal. That is, what is the ONE THING that you need to do in the next week to move forward. Then, on our weekly goals, we’ll work to keep you making progress on those objectives with weekly “stretch goals” as well. And with the group offering resources and solutions, you’ll get more done in these 6 months then ever before in practice.

Access to My Personal “Hand Picked” Resources. I have a very short list of suppliers, trusted advisors, and elite level resources that I will share with you immediately. Want to save $1000’s on equipment? I know who to call. Want to know which equipment you’ll constantly be repairing (for $127 each time) and which equipment ACTUALLY lasts? I know it. Don’t want to get “burned” by someone promising a lifetime warranty and NOT coming thru? I’ve already gone thru it… The goal is to get you up and going FAST, not be dealing with dead-beat vendors and unfulfilled promises. Each person or product on this list is one I’ve vetted and dealt with. And they’ll save you weeks and months of headaches. You get their “back line” to access them.

BTW, why else am I limiting membership at first? Well, this is a bit revealing, but what the heck…..let me give you my vision of where I’m going. See, after years of running my own facility, my vision is now seeing 100’s of other Clinicians have success. And that means 100’s of GREAT businesses run by GREAT providers. The ONLY way we can elevate our profession is by reaching more people with the right message….and unfortunately, some people in this profession have ruined things. One of the benefits of a Clinic/Gym hybrid model is that it allows you more exposure to your “perfect client”. The person who works out in your gym is the same person who values great musculoskeletal care.  There are only going to be so many business owners that I can help one-on-one. So the Inner Circle allows me to make a bigger impact FASTER.

I want to do more. I want to help more of you NOT go through the nightmares that I did in my business. I want more of you to have the freedom that I currently enjoy. I remember driving past the gym, taking my boys to school in the morning (which is a big deal to me!), and the parking lot was FULL, and I didn’t need to be there. That’s one thing that never happened in my clinic. If I wasn’t there, no revenue was coming in.

I was still a clinician running the clinic (and bringing on an associate), yet I had this other amazing service going on WITHOUT me. See, FREEDOM is what gets me excited most and what I am most passionate about. Its what drives me to make the Gym/Clinic Hybrid Inner Circle the best it can be so that I can grow it and expand it to 100, 200, 500 and more talented clinicians just like you!

I also want even MORE freedom! I recently took a week off and went up to Kalispell Montana. Standing out on the deck, overlooking McGregor Lake I realized how  important freedom was….and running the rat-race of patient care only lets you become King Rat (or Queen). But freedom comes from a business that runs without you. And grows without you. And the market needs your expertise right now. So my passion over the next year is ONLY two things:

  1. Building out the Inner Circle

  2. Writing… books, trainings, etc

That’s it! Those are the two things I will focusing all my energy on. So when I tell you about my passion for this new group, well I need to make it pretty substantial to make it worthwhile, right?

Yeah, I guess that would be true if I was just shortsighted and just looking at today money, but I’m not. As I told you, this is a vision for me of where I’m going for the next phase of my business and this is just the first step. So its not really about today money, it’s much more about tomorrow money.

So, right now, for the first founding people who join the Inner Circle, the price is just a mere $1500 down and $299/ a month. Yep, just $299 a month or about $10 a day!

I wanted 2 things to happen for this. #1- I want you to open your Hybrid facility within 6 months. That’s right- in just 6 months. And I wanted to make this so darn affordable that any legitimate business owner who is serious about opening a facility could not only afford to sign up, but could see it as a brain-dead simple decision!

For just $1500 down and $299 Monthly, Here’s What You’ll Get…

  • Weekly LIVE video conference with me personally. [$995+ value, even in a group format]

  • Weekly Design Thursdays Tech/Logistics Sessions [$500+ value]

  • Full-Day On-Site Planning Session [$3500+ value]

  • PRIVATE Slack Group Community. [$199.99+ value]

  • Access to my trainings, all of them. [$299 to $799 each]

  • A Willy Wonka Golden Ticket [$437 value]

  • Free copies of my favorite books [ $119.95 value]

  • Monthly & Weekly Accountability. [$249 a month value]

Access to my hand-picked resources and contacts [priceless-saving you tons of time]

Add it all up, go ahead, I’ll wait…..It’s a staggering $3299.94- and that’s NOT including the On-Site training! I am so immensely determined make this an obvious choice for you—I hope you can see that by the value I’m including in this program.

So now, you have a choice to make.

Do you want to continue to trade time-for-money, being frustrated about insurance reimbursements and (even if you’re cash-based) the fact that your revenue comes only from your time? Do you want to stumble through the next few years struggling to increase your take-home pay, and worse yet, give up all that precious time with nothing to show for it when you instead could have built a complete, stand-alone business that brings in lots of money with little time on your behalf.

As I sit here and think about the “best day” in my business, I remember a day 8 months ago. I came in to coach ONE class at 6:30am of 8 collegiate golfers… a great, fun group. The rest of the day, I spent with my family…. And the business had the most revenue in a single day we’d ever had! Without me! I was able to spend a beautiful Friday with my family and have money coming in the door because I had designed a business that perfectly complimented my clinic, and it brought in more than $320,000 without the woes of notes, insurance benefits, referrals. Plus, it was full of excitement and positive people intent on staying healthy. A wonderful life.

You can choose to continue to go it on your own, yes. Or you could choose to join the Gym/Clinic Hybrid Inner Circle and join a group that is here to support your journey, guide you through the trenches, and smoothen up the trails. At more than $3,299.94 worth of value each and every month, we’ve already established that it’s beyond affordable at a mere $1500 down and $299 monthly. So it’s not about value, it’s about choice.

Josh Satterlee, DC

FYI- The scarcity around this is real. I will be closing enrollment in the Inner Circle for a period of time to focus on getting all these systems refined and improved. So act quickly, because if you don’t, you may be waiting for quite awhile, kicking yourself for not joining and waiting for the Inner Circle to open back up.

I don’t know when that will be. I’m consulting a lot now- and I already have been or planning on traveling to: Montana for 2 weeks, Seattle 2x, Portland 2x, Kansas City, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Orlando for a week. That’s just what’s on the schedule for now.

In other words, I’m not sure how fast I am going to want to open up those next spots, so don’t take too long to decide…

There’s nothing I’m more passionate and devoted to than helping other clinicians just like you—especially to start a Hybrid Clinic! That’s why I’m so excited to do this!

And yes, I know how powerful this is for clinicians. Through teaching SFMA over the past 5 years, I’ve been able to meet 1000’s of motivated, driven providers. And I’ve heard 100’s of stories of how tough thing are getting in the healthcare world. So whether you’re looking to start in 1000 square feet or build out a 7-figure gym within a few years, I am confident when I say I can help you. I have screwed up enough to help you build what you want.

BTW—I forgot to tell you one other cool little bonus…I’ve got a welcome box of stuff I’m gonna send you as well (for US and Canada only), just for signing up…I know you’ll love it.