Chiropractors NEED Infusionsoft...

Have You Been "On The Fence"
About Using  Infusionsoft
in Your Office...
and Want Some Guidance to Get Up and Going Fast?
We're Here to Help!

If So, Me And My Infusionsoft Certified Team Can DIRECTLY Provide You With The Software (...Meaning, You Can Buy It Directly From Us), Give You All The Kick-Start Training And Support You Will Need (…Meaning, You Will Know How To Use It Effectively) - PLUS, We Can Even Create All Of Your Funnels For You To (…Meaning You Don’t Have To!)

​​​​Don't worry. My Team and I will help you get the BEST DEAL on the software (by purchasing directly from us!) and make sure it actually RUNS the programs a Chiropractic Clinic NEEDS!

We will get you started ASAP, train you(and your TEAM) in the basics, and show you what to do RIGHT NOW to get started. We'll hold your hand and get you up and running!

Then we'll continue to support you for your first 3 months AND we will even give you the 5 MOST IMPORTANT campaigns to start with! (Why waste time reinventing the wheel???)

And we can even build the Funnels YOU NEED to your EXACT specs.... or just "Plug and Play" one of ours in no time.

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Side Note- If you purchase directly from Infusionsoft, you'll be left out of the Chiropractic-specific BONUSES we can give you. No campaigns. No funnels. No ongoing support.

Don't get me wrong- Infusionsoft's team is great... but then you'll pay extra for the campaigns and funnels, made by non-Chiropractors!

Imagine you had the opportunity to hire an employee... 

Only 1.... and she was incredible!

We'll call her Irene

She NEVER called in sick. Irene NEVER took a day off, and worked earlier than you and stayed later than you.

And Irene did an insane amount of work in your office:

  • Irene remembered every patient's birthday, and always sent out a birthday email and text. And to your VIP's, she sent out a card a week before their birthday.
  • Every night, she created crystal-clear reporting on the numbers that drive your business, and printed them out on a spreadsheet, just like you asked.
  • Every morning, Irene told you how many patients were scheduled for the next 2 weeks...and how many your associate has scheduled.
  • Before she left each day, she would remember to send a quick text to every single patient reminding them of their appointment tomorrow!
  • Irene even spent the time to figure out just how much ROI there was on the Facebook Ads you ran last month so you could decide if you wanted to run more.
  • On Fridays, she would send you and your advisors a quick text with the revenue from each Chiro and each Massage Therapist in your office
  • And at the end of every month, rain or shine, Irene sent your accountant the info he needed to keep up on your you don't have to worry about it.

It gets better.... she knows how hard you work to get New Patients in the door. So once they scheduled, she'd never forget to send them a link to Google Maps for your office.... and Irene would even send the New Patient Paperwork to them. (And if they didn't download, she'd send a reminder!)

And since Irene understands your business, she would tell you when a patient had spent more than $5000 with you, and would mark their file as a "VIP" for scheduling- especially since you're willing to be a little more flexible with patients like that!

She would even send out a Thank You card to every single patient that referred another patient! And to those who sent more than 5 referrals in a year, she would  personally send them BROWNIES! (You know, like "brownie points?!?")

Don't forget... Irene LOVES marketing! She loves connecting patients with your office! Whenever you run a Facebook ad, she is always there to send out the follow-up emails....and the promised voucher. And when the leads forget to respond, Irene gives them a nudge.... She even puts together a list of people for YOU to call because she understands the metrics well enough to know it will bring them in faster.

And when people come to your workshops, Irene is there to send the "Follow-Up Video and Free PDF" you promised everyone. She did the same thing-video and PDF-for all the folks who visited your booth at a recent Half Marathon. Irene never misses an opportunity to market!

Over the last 3 years, Irene was able to track how much ROI there was on the "Discounted Pre-Participation Physicals" you do for the local High School teams.  Surprisingly, she tells you that you make an average of $461 from each kid over their High School career! So there's no doubt you'll keep doing those exams.

Perhaps the most surprising part about Irene is that she NEVER takes a day off. Never needs a break...and it seems like she works 'round-the-clock for you. Weekends, holidays, none of it seems to matter to her. She's like a machine....

Recently you decided to send a Case Summary to every MD of every patient to help establish your expertise a little more. And Irene was willing to help- she takes the initiative to ask you to update her with the MD's email and mailing address... and then told you to just "check a box" when the notes were ready!  And she never forgot to send a single one! Amazing. (This is the dream employee, you think!!!)

I must warn you though.... there's a downside to Irene. She takes a lot of work when you first meet. Many people avoid getting to know her.  They just don't understand her. You have to spend a lot of time with Irene and learn to speak her "unique" language. And she expects you to invest in the relationship... and asks for $1500 up front!

Incredibly, when you speak her language and give her what she wants... and YOU take the time to tell her EXACTLY what you want from her, Irene will be your best, most reliable employee.

And Irene is excited to do all this work for less than $1000/ month. That's it. 

Imagine that.... a great employee who helps your office be the "special" place you've worked hard to make it.


Well... I must tell you, "Irene" isn't her real name. Her name is actually:


And she is available to start in your office in just 2 weeks.

And we can help you get her set up in your office, and teach you her "Unique Language".  It will take about a month for you both to get to know each other....

But after that, you can give her as many tasks as you want. She never gets "overwhelmed"!

And after the first month, we'll show you some REALLY cool things she can do! Then the fun really begins!

Ready to start? Take control NOW. Just click the link below to set up a Discovery Call.