October 20

If It’s Not Easy… It Won’t Work!

Getting reviews can drastically change your ability to get new patients.

When people are looking for a chiropractor – or almost any service – one of the most common things they do is look at Google.

And if they look at Google, people trust reviews around 85 or 88% as much as they trust a personal referral, which is huge.

The problem is, when trying to get reviews for their business, a lot of people send out requests via email.

But we know that 80% of emails don't get opened.

It's not even that they don't get read or you don't follow the action, they really do not even get seen at all.

However, we know that text messaging has over 95% open rate. Some people say it's over 100% open rate, meaning people open up the same message multiple times, which I know I've done.

Well, if that's the case, text messaging is going to get you five times as many people to just see your messageYou'd never get to that point trying to build that up in email.

So why not combine those two – Google and texting – and get as many reviews as you can?

The best way to collect these reviews would be sending your clients a text message to get them to start thinking about giving you a review.

Take the chance to make it really easy for them to do it by sending a link that'll take them right to the review page on Google or Facebook.

If you reduce all the friction and request reviews in the most comfortable way possible for them – just a few taps on their phones – you'll see WAY more coming in.

What if you get bad reviews? Clinic Gym Connect has a smart system in place that will filter out all bad reviews and allow you to deal with them one-on-one.

You not only get to automate the whole process, but you also get to have only great reviews on the most important platforms.

Give it a try!

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