October 2

I Missed My Chance

When you're running a challenge, you must have those accountability meetings.

But not just because you want to serve those clients well – this is also for you. Let me tell you why.

With accountability meetings, it's really easy to say

“Hey man, I noticed you lost six pounds. Congratulations! Imagine how you'd do if you were a member of our gym for six months.”

And if the meeting doesn't go well, you can also say

“Oh, you gained six pounds. Well, imagine how much progress you could make if you had more time to deal with these ups and downs. Why don't you join our gym and we can show you how do to this long-term?

Here's the thing: you shouldn't wait to market your services until after the challenge.

You should definitely start marketing to them or selling them halfway through.

I ran some 21-day challenges at our gym. But I waited until they were over, and then tried to call people.

I couldn't even get ahold of half of them, and the other half had already moved on to something else.

There were about nine people in this challenge of three weeks.

And two of them – more than 20% – said, “Oh, I had so much fun. I loved it. When it ended I wanted to find something else to focus on, so I joined…”

…and they would mention another gym.

That tells me I could've had those people as long-term clients, I just didn't make the move early enough.

I totally missed my chance.

Don't do what I did – definitely sell your services long before the challenge ends.

At least one or two weeks before the challenge ends… you have to just ASK!

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