October 7

How Can You BREAK That Wall?

There's a saying I like that goes something like this:

The most common problem with communication is the assumption that it actually occurred.

In one-way communication, we don't know how our message was received.

And in many situations, the client doesn't feel like you provided enough information to get them from not being your client to becoming your client.

And if you review sales processes, often people will say,

“Well I just didn't know if you had any hours that would work for me,” or

“I didn't know if you worked with people in my insurance,” or

“All the pictures on your website were women so I didn't even know if you took male clients.”

And a lot of times two-way communication will break down that wall.

It will clear up the one question that's holding them back from becoming your customers.

Oftentimes we don't know all the things that we didn't communicate or include. And as our prospects are trying to fill in those gaps, they're running into walls.

Well, if you establish two-way communication and it's normal for them to just text you with a quick question, that can break down the wall and help you really get some good traction.

For example, a friend of mine's an orthodontist, which means he gets mostly kids, teenagers, and early 20s as patients.

The number #1 question they get is, “Do you guys offer appointments after school?” Because parents don't want their kids to miss school to go to the orthodontist.

He told me that on every page of his website it says “After school appointments available. We specialize in after school appointments.”

Yet, when people call, that's still the number #1 question.

People might go “Well I would've come into your office, but I didn't know if you did after school appointments.”

So, if you're doing any sort of marketing, maybe there's a question that's limiting people from coming in.

Maybe you're missing that quick two-way communication that will make people feel more comfortable and bring them closer to your office.

That's what we tackle at Clinic Gym Connect. Our system is all about breaking those walls. We use two-way communication to reduce friction and truly engage with clients.

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