Advanced Strategies for Rehab and Exercise

Sep 17-18, 2022

Tampa, FL

Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 5pm

The CGH Live Course is back.
Here's why you should join us...

Don't miss out this time around! Calling all chiropractors, physical therapists, and trainers to grab this opportunity with both hands before it runs out again. 

We had this workshop back in May, and an overwhelming number of attendees reported that this was the most impactful business and rehab workshop they'd ever been to. 

There's nothing like lots of hands-on LIVE one-on-one interaction with skilled coaches to truly refine your teaching and communication skills and MASTER the progressions and regressions we'll teach.


The Exercises and Rehab that finally make you money!

  • Building repeatable systems and strategies for all exercise programs,
  • How to properly put together a rehab plan,
  • Simple step-by-step processes in your rehab and exercise model so you can start making real profits,
  • Choosing and simplifying the best exercises that will fit in with your space, your schedule, and your existing equipment,
  • We'll break into groups to clearly define what you should be investing your resources in,
  • Get handouts about progressions and regressions,
  • And understand what the setup and floor plan of your facility should be for them to work smoothly. 


The Business Plan to get you the freedom you're missing out on!

  • The best methods for hiring a trainer so that you no longer have to do everything by yourself. 
    • Finding the best candidates,
    • Making the hiring process smooth so you can repeat it easily, 
    • Training them properly so you can offload a lot of your work - and using a step-by-step approach to make sure they're ready for any patient!
  • The financial outline to get the highest profit margin and lowest level of stress for the business owner. 
  • Developing the business model that'll finally allow you to delegate tasks and get your memberships running, 
  • Gaining clarity with a detailed plan that'll make the entire setup EASY. 

If the only way for you to make money right now is by being present at your facility, that's not freedom. This workshop will show you the exact path to finally being able to 

  • take vacations and go to distant locations,
  • spend much more time with your family,
  • work fewer hours each week and go home earlier, 
  • never again have to worry about what'll happen to your facility if you get sick or injured,
  • take continuing education seminars and courses to improve yourself,


No more being handcuffed to your table. No more carrying your entire facility on your shoulders. 

This workshop is all about learning new and better methods of care

and achieving freedom.

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Clinic/Gym Live Advanced Rehab and Exercise Course


Strength & Spine Chiropractic

14210 N Nebraska Ave,
Tampa, FL 33613


Event hosted with Dr. Cam from Strength & Spine Chiropractic

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