Elite Mastermind

The Elite Mastermind is a program designed for busy clinicians to have the ultimate practice style.

Our program is designed to allow you to “just show up”, perform the best care you can, lead your team, and go home knowing that everything else is taken care of.

This includes weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly events and also addresses the 6 biggest areas of possible improvement for your current business.

Here's the timeline:


  • Daily Text Message of collections
  • Daily Team Reporting (sent to office printer)
  • Daily Insurance Billing


  • Weekly off-site done-for-you bookkeeping
  • Weekly YouTube posting
  • Weekly Podcast Publishing (if appropriate)
  • Weekly Facebook postings
  • Weekly Instagram post (if appropriate)
  • Weekly text message to your team of their weekly performance


  • Monthly Off-Site Accounting
  • Monthly Blog Creation and Posting
  • Monthly Print Newsletter Development and Mailing
  • Monthly Insurance Mini-Audit


  • Quarterly Review of Insurance Collection by Insurance Billing Specialist
  • Quarterly Accounting Review by the Best Accountant for Small Business Owners
  • Quarterly Development of Marketing Campaign
  • Quarterly Development of Landing Page
  • Quarterly Development Facebook Ads for Marketing Campaign
  • Quarterly Webinar with Insurance Collection Specialist (to increase your collection)
  • Quarterly Webinar with Accountant to Review Expenses/Planning


Yearly 3-Day Retreat with Other Mastermind Members to plan and grow huge! Twice-Yearly 1-Day Retreat with Mastermind Members

Twice throughout the year (separate of this yearly meeting) are also two one day masterminds that also include three days of vacation for every clinic owner. It's important to get away, spend time with people who have similar goals to yours, and to leave the day to day buzz of your practice behind so that you can get clear and create the solutions you truly want. What does it include?


1. We provide staff training for your entire staff. That's one hour per week for your staff so they can generate their own revenue. They can sell memberships. They can serve your clients at the highest level, and we train them to expand their ability to create more time and freedom in your life. Most staff members are hungry for education, but the clinic owner is stuck working in their business in a way that doesn't allow them to provide that staff training. We do it for you.


2. We provide done-for-you marketing. We want you to be omnipresent in your area, so we develop a quarterly theme for you to market towards and then we help develop your Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube videos, blog content, email marketing, podcast if desired, and handle the production of all these aspects so that all you have to do is show up and treat your patients. Now, every month there will be about an hour of interview and recording to occur, but we will take that hour and turn it into a month's worth of marketing for you clinic. Again, this is not some canned content, in fact, this is specific to your own practice, your own area, and whatever style of practice you have. If you only want to treat female collegiate bull riders then your marketing will reflect that. I hope you're in one of the states that encourages female bull riding, but we'll work with you no matter what.


3. We constantly help you refine your business plan and your strategy. Every business consultant always says, "Know your numbers." However, none of them help you develop those numbers. We help you install the right software and the right program so that you can analyze the numbers that are actually coming into your own business. So, when people ask you, "What's your average revenue per patient visit?" You'll know that off the top of your head. In fact, your team will be able to see that every single week in a large display screen in your office. We don't just say, "Know your numbers," we actually help install the software that will display your numbers to your staff every day that your business is open. That way everybody knows what the score is so nobody's playing the game that they're not ready to play.


4. We provide onsite training. It's easy to think that change will occur just by purchasing a program, but we know from experience that the best way to get a quick turn around on your invested money is to provide onsite training for you and your staff. Once you're a member of the Elite Mastermind our team will fly out to your office and perform one to two days of training depending on the size of your staff to take the load of your shoulders and allow you to make change now. In fact, the week after our onsite training is usually the most productive week that your staff will have had in the last few years. We provide the onsite training, which honors everybody for where they're at, clearly defines roles and goals for each employee, and helps you get closer to that big vision you have even faster.


5. We provide growth strategies for you, the business owner and help you become a CEO that oversees production, not a worker bee that's stuck inside their clinic. We want you to be able to take vacation. We want you to be able to grow your business. We want you to be able to invest in real estate and own the building that you're operating out of. If you want to open multiple clinics or you want to develop a well-oiled machine that is ultra efficient we'll help you do that. But, the biggest limiter to significant growth ends up being you. We provide growth strategies, discussions, masterminds, and other events to push you out of your comfort zone and get you thinking about massive growth. This is the most exciting aspect of the entire program and one that we find that most clinicians are lacking.

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