How to Fill Your Clinic/Gym Hybrid BEFORE the New Year!

Friday, November 16th at 9am PST/ 12pm EST.

Register today for this webinar to learn all about the EXACT marketing strategies being used by new and established Hybrid facilities.


Dr. Josh Satterlee

of Clinic/Gym Hybrid Solutions

Dr. Josh Satterlee has successfully developed, run, and sold a model of Chiropractic, Movement Systems, and Gym that is on the cutting edge of patient care.

Dr. Dan Leonard

opened his own Clinic/Gym Hybrid 

Dr. Dan Leonard opened his Clinic/Gym Hybrid just a few WEEKS ago, and just signed up 23 clients into a 6-Week Challenge. He will share his methods of getting these new faces in and sold.


Plus Dan will also share how his head trainer is selling tens of thousands of dollars of training every month- without Dan needing to be there!

Once you register, be sure to block out your schedule to make sure you attend this exciting webinar. We don’t know if we’ll offer a replay…so attend LIVE!

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