Clinic/Gym Hybrid Bridge to
Success Program Workshop

Are you going to the FORWARD Convention in St Louis in September?
Then you’re invited to our special “Pre-Conference Seminar”!

About Your Hosts

Josh Satterlee

Founder & Owner,
Clinic Gym Hybrid

Dr. Josh Satterlee has spent the last 6 years perfecting the Clinic/Gym Hybrid model.

He believes that too many hard working chiropractors are stuck inside their clinics trading time for money, and can’t create any freedom from longer hours for less pay.

His model helps these chiropractors make more money, provide better patient care, all while creating more time off.

Daniel Leonard

Owner & Medical Director,
Central Ohio Spine and Joint

Dan Leonard has spent the last 12 months aggressively building his Clinic/Gym Hybrid. 

His 5500 sq ft facility in Columbus, OH is already collecting $25K per month in the gym, and more than twice that in the clinic. But Dan's success has come through trying and failing until he found success.

Now, he is excited to share this knowledge to help other chiropractors launch their hybrid facility.

Event Dates:





Thursday, September 19th and Friday September 20th,
before the FORWARD Convention in St Louis.

Hit the ground running when we're at out our Convention!

▼ Here’s why you should attend ▼

Do you STRUGGLE with:

  • Inconsistent Cashflow
  • Systematizing Your Patient Care (so you get some needed time off?)
  • Transitioning Patients from Your Clinic to Your Gym?
  • Finding Enough New Patients?
  • Getting Your Patients to Exercise the RIGHT Way?
  • Making Enough Money From Each Patient to Keep the Doors Open?
  • Providing Evidence-Based Care to Every Patient
  • Offering fitness because you don’t have the facility/seed money/space to do it?

We Guarantee our Live Workshop will eliminate these fears and completely revolutionize your Clinic/Gym Hybrid! 

We have the proof…. YOU just need to follow our simple (but not easy) plan.

Only 20 Spots Available!

General Admission




  • Practice Analysis Questionnaire
  • Full Bridge to Success Process Workbook
  • Event Swag
  • Live Sales Training 
  • Sales Scripts

***These times have been shaped around YOU attending FORWARD on Friday, AND not forcing you to take off work on Wednesday***

The schedules below are subject to change as advances are made

Schedule for Thursday September 19th

1pm-2:30pm[VIP-Only] Lunch and Practice Audit Session
3pm-3:30pmGeneralWorkshop Kickoff for ALL attendees
3:30pm-4:30pmGeneralThe Anatomy of a Clinic/Gym Success Plan
4:30pm-5pmGeneralMeasuring your Success: Outcomes vs Income
5pm-6pmGeneralReviewing Current Care Guidelines and Evidence
6pm-6:30pmGeneralIntroduction to the Bridge to Success Program
6:30pm-7pmGeneralReview and Q&A
7:30pm[VIP-Only]Hosted Dinner and Mastermind

Schedule for Friday September 20th

6:30am-7:30am[VIP-Only]Breakfast and Practice Profit Session
8:00am-8:30amGeneralLive Examples of the Bridge to Success Program
8:30am-9:00amGeneralReview Success Plans and Q&A
9:00am-10:00amGeneralSuccess Plan Round-Robin (Interactive!)
10:00am-10:30amGeneralReview and Feedback
10:30am-11:00amGeneralDan Leonard’s “Marketing Your Gym for Profit”
11:00am-11:30amGeneralJosh Satterlee’s “Making YOU the Area Expert”
11:30am-12:00pmGeneralQ&A and Accountability, Ending Remarks
12:00pm[VIP-Only]***12 Noon, Seminar Ends for General Attendees****
1:00pm-2:30pm[VIP-Only]Gym Marketing Mastermind with Dan Leonard

Time left until the door closes


Places in the live pre-event workshop are limited! Reserve your seat now and join us live for the pre-event workshop that will change the way you think about Hybrid Clinic Gyms

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