Clinic/Gym Hybrid Secrets

If you're a chiropractor struggling with your clinic because you can't get new clients fast, have no free time, and no idea how to grow your business, this book is for you!
You'll learn the best practices for this method to maximize your license and revolutionize your practice completely. Get your staff working for you & finally achieve the freedom you dream of.

NOTE: We are only able to ship to US addresses.

We are moving into a brand new 5,000 facility and will be looking to add $25,000 of recurrent gym revenue in the first 18 months. I seriously cannot recommend Josh’s program enough!

Dr. Dan Leonard

(This isn't a PDF - it's a 190+ page physical print book. If you prefer, you can buy it from Amazon,
but it would cost you more there!)

What You'll find

When you grab your copy of Clinic/Gym Hybrid Secrets, these are only a few valuable tried and true lessons you'll learn:

Administration & Budget
Setting your price with a step-by-step guide, essential tips to control labor costs, lists of processes to keep track and save time in your office, a CPT code to bill group therapy to your insurance, and more!
Staff & Service
Guides to hire and pay trainers, lists of important subjects you should teach them, how to evaluate them, lists on how to improve your service and charge more money, great methods to fill a gym, how to handle memberships, and more!
Space & Equipment
How to make profit in a small space, lessons about the ideal size and design, lists of equipment for each gym size, the best investments and activities, how to give your clients a great impression when they walk in, and more! 

Remember You Get All This!

  • FREE BONUS login to Clinic/Gym app
  • $199 value on training videos & articles
  • Comprehensive best practices list
  • Best tools to manage your Clinic/Gym
  • How to set up memberships correctly
  • How to hire & train your trainers

NOTE: We are only able to ship to US addresses.

Revolutionize Your Clinic

This is the way to go if you've been dreaming about growing faster. You will deliver the most complete and natural kind of care, and ensure that your patients will pay you every month to get it. Start changing by getting your own copy of Clinic/Gym Hybrid Secrets and watch your business flourish like never before!

Josh’s knowledge and guidance helped me grow enough membership revenue to pay my rent in the first month!

Dr. Chip Bleam

Joshua Satterlee, DC

Joshua Satterlee grew up on the dusty streets of Palmdale, CA. He was lucky enough to go to college at Montana State University in Bozeman. After MSU, he attended the "Harvard of Chiropractic Colleges" at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

After attaining his DC degree, he started on a path of truly understanding the power of diagnosis. Luckily, he stumbled upon the SFMA and TPI. After working with thousands of patients, Dr. Satterlee realized that transitioning patients into active care and exercise was the most beneficial move possible. This also created a fantastic business opportunity.
From that, the Clinic/Gym Hybrid model was born.

NOTE: We are only able to ship to US addresses.

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