November 3

Are You Like Disneyland?

In the healthcare industry the bar is set so low on what's the care provided.

Let's just take a new patient who hears about a doctor or is referred to a doctor and then books an appointment.

They book it and confirm the time. Typically that's done over the phone.

  • It's up to that patient then to pull up a map of where that office is.
  • It's up to that patient to figure out where to park.
  • It's up to that patient to learn how long it takes to get from the parking lot into the office.

A lot of offices are in a two or three-story building, and the time from the parking lot to that office is not immediate.

  • It takes a few minutes, and nobody ever told you that.
  • Or you have to get on the elevator, and nobody ever told you that.
  • Or you have to park in a certain spot, and nobody ever told you that.
  • Or you have to pull up a map, and nobody ever told you that.

So there's all this heavy reliance on the patient.

Now let's look at a company that provides great customer service, like Disneyland.

If you buy Disney tickets ahead of time, they'll tell you where to park.

They'll tell you, “Here's how to get to us coming from the north or the south.”

They walk you in.

They go above and beyond to provide a high level of service so that you're not shocked by anything.

They guide you step by step so that the process is smooth.

Well, most people in the healthcare industry provide, honestly, crappy service.

Once you make that appointment and you've agreed to pay them money, hell, as a patient, you do all the work now. It's just a horrible stance.

Why can't we make that a much better experience and send them information about us before they ever enter the office?

Send them a picture of us. “Here's who I am and what I'm about. Here's what I look like.” Send a picture of the person they'll meet at the front desk.

Or if it's difficult for people to get to the office and they're constantly going to the wrong door, wrong floor, wrong parking lot, wrong building.

It's easy for you when you've been to your office a thousand times. Not easy for people to show up the first time.

So if that is the case, why not provide a map or a guide or pictures that tell the story of how to get there?

The bar is so low in healthcare. That's one of the reasons why you see less and less healthcare providers really making a lot of money.

Because as insurance repayments go down, the only thing delineating us from the person next door is going to be the quality service we provide.

Now wondering how to go the extra mile to provide great customer service?

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