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Curt Kippenberger

"This is a fantastic opportunity if you are looking to start a gym or level up your CGH! I attended Josh’s Superconference in Austin back in 2019 along with my trainer. Our gym had been open just over a year and lacked the systems our clinic had in place. By simply implementing Josh's training and guidance, we doubled our memberships in 2019!!!! I can’t recommend Josh’s course and mentorship enough!"

Nate Baker

This model has helped us to grow our business from a solo provider chiropractic clinic to a seven-figure business that helps patients achieve results like nowhere else in Southern Oregon. This would not have been possible without Josh's knowledge, guidance, and help. Through his consulting, podcast, and expertise, his reach for helping people extends far beyond our facility. Thank you, Josh!

Dan Leonard

"We are moving into a brand new 5,000 facility and will be looking to add $25,000 of recurrent gym revenue in the first 18 months. I seriously cannot recommend Josh’s program enough."

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