November 24

8 New Chiropractic Patients From ONE Detail

One time in my practice, we got a great testimonial from somebody. And for whatever reason, I decided to put that testimonial in an email.

I sent that email out to my whole list, and I got a bunch of responses. “What a great testimonial. That's awesome.”

For some dumb reason, I never put that testimonial on our website. Then one day I realized, “What the heck? Why haven't I put this on our website?”

When I add that testimonial to our website, over the next three weeks we end up getting eight new patients who mentioned they saw it, they read that testimonial, they were impressed by that testimonial, they liked it, and that's essentially why they came in.

Eight patients in three weeks.

Now, the interesting thing there is I had to make that thing public. Even when I made it public, I made it public on our website.

The interesting thing here is: if somebody is searching for a chiropractor, they might not read through the whole website, but they will go to your reviews.

Great reviews function like testimonials.

It says, “Hey, I'm a person who went to that clinic, and I rated it this high. And here's my testimonial.”

It's written as a review, but it's essentially a testimonial.

And now, if you have great reviews on Google or Facebook, those aren't even just on your website. They're pre-website. Before they even find your content, they can already read these amazing testimonials.

If you get 100 reviews on your chiropractic office, that's huge. That's going to be awesome.

To start getting those reviews, you will need an effective system in place – something that's not only simple for you but also easy for your patients.

Clinic Gym Connect allows you to get those testimonials that will work in your favor whenever someone finds you on Google or Facebook.

The best part is you'll only have to do it once.

Have a great week!

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