November 30

63 Chiropractic Patients Came Back to the Clinic

One of my patients recently told me a great story about one of their longtime patients. They had a patient, we'll just call her Brianna, who had given birth back in April.

That first few months of quarantine unfortunately meant that she wasn't going out, wasn't able to go to the store as often, and over the next few months, she developed some significant back pain.

The problem was, Brianna really didn't know if she could go to her chiropractor. She had always gotten great relief from her chiropractor, but in this case she didn't know if they were open, and if they were, what times they were open.

Luckily, our client had signed up for Clinic Gym Connect and was able to send broadcast text messages to their patients.

Not knowing that Brianna was out there, but suspecting that patients like her were, our client decided to send a broadcast text message to all of his past clients who hadn't been in the last six months, but had been to his office over the last three years.

The message went like this.

“Hey, First Name. We're currently open, and due to COVlD restrictions, we want to let you know about our procedures. We must do a temperature check, you must have an appointment, and only one patient is allowed in the office at any one time. If you have any needs, just text us and we'll get you set up.”

The point of the broadcast was just to let the patients know that there were a couple of different procedures due to the COVlD pandemic.

What happened next was pretty amazing, though.

Luckily, Clinic Gym Connect has two-way text messaging. I say luckily because that doctor sent that message out to 800 past clients.

Out of those 800, 121 of them texted back and said, “This is great news. I'm so happy to learn this. I'm actually dealing with pain.”

Over the next two weeks, through text messaging, he went back and forth and got 63 of those people scheduled.

63 patients – all due to a single text message is pretty incredible.

Now, two important things here.

The first is, your patients often have questions, and they're one question away from coming in.

In this case, Back Pain Brianna didn't know if the office was even open, and didn't know what the ability for her to come in was.

But once the doctor engaged her in a text message, she could easily ask a few questions and let them know that she'd just recently given birth, and asked if they actually dealt with patients who were just a few months postpartum.

Luckily for her, they did, and they were able to help her out.

But how many patients are out there wondering if you're even open, or wondering what your hours are, or if things have changed since COVlD restrictions have occurred?

Just regularly communicating through simple messaging can do a whole lot for reactivations.

In this case, the sending of a single text message resulted in 63 reactivations. That's amazing.

The second thing you want to think about is offering that two-way text messaging because people really like to be heard.

So once you send out that broadcast, they might ask some questions, and if they do, you want to have the ability to reply in a live format, rather than some chat bot or automated method.

If you're interested in this functionality Clinic Gym Connect offers or the many other advantages from the system, just click the link to check it out.

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